How far can the outdoor cam be away from the base station?

I searched thru the info available on the new outdoor cam but could not find any info as to how far away you can place the outdoor cams away from the base station, does anyone know ?

Our property is 1 1/2 acres and it would be nice to be able to put these anywhere on our property. I’m hoping the outdoor cam can be at least 100 feet away, though 150-200 feet would be preferred.

Our WIFI can reach the edge of our property, but I wasn’t sure if the base station itself has a range limit.

Thanks !

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@gkl :slightly_smiling_face:

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Keep in mind that the WOC base station has to be HARD WIRED, no WiFi.

Yeah I couldn’t believe it either.


Does the outdoor cam need to access the wifi directly or does it only access the base station (which is connected to wifi)?

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@JWill The Wyze Base Station is the communication hub for your Wyze Cam Outdoor and it is necessary for it to talk to your network. See full details in the support article.

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It does only access the base station, but the base station must be hard wired to your router via an ethernet cable

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Thanks for all the replies from everyone !

Obviously most people will have at least one wall between the base station and a camera as I assume the base station is not weatherproof and needs to be indoors.

It will be interesting to see how much one wall, two walls, ect reduce the effective distance you can place a camera. If I can still get 150-200 feet even thru one or two walls I should be fine.

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Update: I just checked the Wyze youtube video about installation of the outdoor cam and starting at about the 2:35 minute mark it says it performs best when kept within 50 feet without any walls or obstacles in the way, that is a big difference from 300 feet, makes it sound like anything over 50 feet with a wall in between could mean “iffy” performance, hopefully that is not the case as I would think most people will have at least one wall between the base station and camera and many people might need more than 50 feet, I would like to have dependable performance at least up to 100-150 feet with one or even two walls in between.

Here is the video link: Outdoor cam installation

Also the video says to avoid direct sunlight, yet the outdoor cam info page shows pictures of the outdoor cam placed under various weather conditions including direct sunlight.

I’m excited about the outdoor cam and I am not trying to be negative, I just want to be sure what the correct parameters are for reasonably dependable performance as there seems to be somewhat conflicting info.

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“Avoid direct sunlight”? For the brand new, 3 years in the making, go-anywhere, can’t even leave it plugged in, take it camping in travel mode and stick it on a tree, battery powered Outdoor Camera? Seriously?

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I’ve had my v2 cams in direct sunlight for over 14 months and I’ve had no problems with them. But of course I don’t live in the hot sunny west either. Virginia temperatures are usually in the upper 80s in July. But they have survived the cold snow and ice for two winters.
Regardless, I’m still looking forward to playing around with the WCO next month. I’ve had excellent service out of all my Wyze products so far.

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Another big minus I’ve read about is not being able to watch the live feed for an extended period of time without greatly reducing battery life.

I have Android tablets as well as Echo shows that I leave live camera feeds on for hours at a time to be able to immediately glance at what’s going on outside at any time.

One of the cameras is an indoor Wyze I have plugged in outside and protected, another camera is a regular security camera with PoE connectivity, another camera is a solar powered cam with 2 way audio that I’ve had for about a year or longer and the solar panel keeps the battery charged at 100% even after all that time, it was $89.99 when I bought it, almost twice as much as the Wyze outdoor, but I don’t mind the extra expense to have a camera that does not need recharged manually.

Wyze needs to make an outdoor model with a solar panel even if they need to charge $30-$40 more, the solar panel would solve the problem of the battery running down while viewing a live feed for hours at a time.

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My base station is in a shed, connected to the network through a Google WiFi hub.
The Outdoor cam is currently sitting in a barn over 100 feet away at the back of my acre. The barn is concrete block and rebar (lower wall), steel pipe (roof support and rails), steel lining inside the upper walls (of wood).
In 100+ F heat the battery life has been great, the signal is strong.

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While I have read negative reviews I am very glad it’s working good for you !

I was hesitant to try the outdoor cam myself after some of the reviews I had read so I paid about $160 and got a solar powered wireless cam that can be rotated 355 degrees and it has been working good for me, I prefer solar powered as I don’t have to worry about recharging the batteries myself.

Anyhow, again, I am sincerely glad the outdoor cam is working for you !