WyzeCam Outdoor distance

I don’t see it listed anywhere how far away the outdoor cam will work from the base station. Did I miss it listed somewhere?


Looking for the same info, I’m sure it will vary, but what is expected.

Base station uses 802.11 b/g/n so whatever those distances are

Within a 50 foot range and no obstacles in the way according to the setup youtube video (2:35 mark)…

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Thanks Jason!

I have planned on mounting mine on a tree by my driveway. Its about 100 feet from the house. I can pickup and use my home WiFi a solid 300-400 feet from my house out by the road. I guess we will see how we will the WiFi in the base station works. I really didn’t want another WiFi network here competing for channel spectrum with my existing network. But they didn’t leave much option. If this doesn’t work, I will be hooking up a battery and solar to an indoor cam and putting it out there. I have had 4 indoor cams outside for months with no issue already.

I just tried to set mine up about 30-40 feet on my outside wall and it has no connection. Bit bad. Very disappointed