Wireless Outdoor Cam distance

Just wondering whats the furthest anyone has had their outdoor cam before you loose connection to the base station

WYZE says 300 feet in an open field. :grin:
I find that hard to believe. It depends where the base is and what your house/structure is made of. I still have a good connection at 45 feet but after that it may or may not work through 4 walls and across the yard.
There are other members that have them at hundreds of feet but they have a more advanced set ups with the location of the base and various access points. To technical for me.

The Wyze base station IS WiFi capable after being initially setup wired. In my case I moved my base to be closer to the camera while still maintaining WiFi capability. I can report mine is about 100ft from the camera thru one interior wall and one exterior wall. Works nicely. Prior to making my WiFi base station it was about 170 ft, it worked but the bandwidth and picture quality was significantly reduced.

My base is connected via ethernet. If it stops raining maybe I will take one of my critter WCO cams across the street about 60 feet and see if it will work. Only one interior/exterior wall. The cam I had in the back always had a two bar signal at 40 feet, the lowest of the 4 cams. That is through 4 walls one of which has the house power panel in it. After 45 feet Zero connection.

EDIT: The cam works at 60 feet with a 3 bar signal. One wall with a window.

Thanks guys. I guess I can do some tests . I’ll take one of my cams down once the weather is warmer and see what I can do. Thanks for all your insight