Wyze outdoor wifi coverage

Hello all, someone knows about the wifi range Coverage for the new wyze outdoor wifi coverage?

It’s… not great.

I was able to place my base station in a concrete basement and put the camera in a tree on the other side of my house. The camera has 1 bar for connection but it works fine.

Just be careful with that. If the cam doesn’t have a signal when an event is triggered it may not record it.

Hello, could you please share maybe how long distance actually is the cam from the base?

I tested the events and they work perfect!

About 80 to 90 feet with a concrete wall.

I got about 60-70’ during pre-release testing thru two old-house full-dimension plaster walls and one new frame roof. Seems to vary though. Not sure exactly what and why. That was from Mesh system node connections.

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Normally professionals talk about WiFi range in terms or walls. Meaning “the signal has to go threw 2 walls and a roof” has more meaning than “the signal has to go 40 feet”.

With that being said, I find Mine has a usable range about 30 to 40 feet threw my 3 walls. Any more than that and my notifications became unreliable. In fact I had to move my cam about 5 feet just to accommodate this.


Yea, part of my range “problem” could be an overly saturated WiFi channel. I have been meaning to run wireshark and examine it. I think that the base station might be hard coded to channel 11 or 1. But I’m just guessing.

Yeah-I’m no WiFi professional. I just try to get the darned thing to work and then pass along how to other folks. Besides, that’s more practical than just flat numbers.
Didn’t think about WiFi congestion. I had that problem a bit with my old ATT WiFi but hasn’t been an issue thatI’ve noticed with the mesh.

I was able to stream the camera at around 70-80 feet through a single wooden garage door. This was the WiFi analyzer chart at the cameras location. Highest purple peak is the base station. This is a townhouse complex so lots of competing wifi networks.

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I only got 30’ from base before it started disconnecting.

Get yourself an extender and you can plug your base into it giving you twice the distance from your router. I did it with this one and it works great!

I tried this but you have to make sure that you have a good extender(like the one you show) or it will disconnect. The only problem is the cost!

wifi range has more variations than a cross dresser on stage. usually a company will market wifi range in absolute perfect conditions (standing in the middle of a field with straight line of sight and absolutely minimal competing frequencies flying around).

real life, every single thing can cause issues for wifi range.

one of my gripes that I hope they change in fw update is to allow us to change the channel. hard coded at 11 is less than ideal for the base. that channel can/does get very crowded.

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I saw some users reporting good results with this $20 travel router/repeater and the outdoor cam.

I have no personal experience with this product so can’t comment on the quality myself.


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Can’t imagine the range of variations of a cross dresser on stage. If the cross dresser were standing in the middle of a field would that make it straight and fly around?
Yep, hard coded is always a problem, esp. in the city where there is a lot of competition. I’m beginning to think the cross dresser is working harder then Wyze at customer service.

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That’s exactly why I’m trying to be active on the forum. I see a lot of non-technical people having technical problems with something I know a bit about.

When I first got into IT WIFI was the new thing. As a result I have done it all with WiFi, from cameras and printers to IOT and even a little pen testing.

Anyways, that’s why I’m trying to pitch in and aid the community a little if I can

Hi kjay Looks like a NAT router. Doesn’t the outdoor cam’s base unit need to be on the same IP network as the cell phone?
The base unit (router) creates yet another IP network between camera and base unit. Rube Goldberg-ish.