Wyze Cam Outdoors and Base Station

So I have two cameras outdoors. One of the cameras is about 50 feet diagonal to the base station and the other is about 30 feet straight in front of it. One of the cameras was only getting 1 bar signal and the other one two bars. I figured since they were next to each other they may be interrupting each others signal. So I moved on 20 feet away from the other side of the garage (this is the 50 ft one) Now the 30 foot one gets three bars and the other one only 1. I took the one getting one bar and put it next to the base station and the most it got was two bars. I am thinking it may have a bad network card in it. I was going to move the base station into the garage so that its about 20 feet from both cameras, but if I need to connect it to the router for any reason (its currently on Wifi) I would have to unplug and bring it back inside. How often do you find yourself needing to connect the base station to the router?

I have never tried the base on Wi -FI mine has been always connected via ethernet. The cam that has 2 bars is 40 feet away through 4 walls one of which has the house power breaker box in it directly across from the base. The other cams are at 45 feet, 35 feet and 15 feet all attached to the exterior of the house. My house is 2000 square feet, wood frame with wood siding so the signal are good all around.

As you can see here. The base signal station goes through my garage to the Garage camera and through the front door to the front porch camera. I did a signal test out at the corner of my garage and it gets decent signal. I even went into my router and changed the channels on my 2.4 Ghz to one that is not really used around my house and does not overlap other signals to give it a signal boost. I think that camera may just have a bad network card. I will connect the base station via ethernet to see if that increases the output, but it shouldn’t.

Well if you put the cam next to the base and only got 2 bars you may be correct. Did you try the 2 bar cam in the location of the 3 bar cam just as a test?

I actually walked it around and tried it in different areas. I tried it closer to the front door so basically in front of the three bar cam, A corner of the house opposite where it is and then finally I sat it right new to the base station about 2 feet away and still never got three bars. I will contact support to see if they will change it out.

If you want maximum coverage from the base/hub mount it as Hi as you can,also the base/hub is fixed on channel 11,so it’s best to make sure that your 2.4ghz home wifi is NOT on the same channel so you don’t get interfere to a minimum

Actually I did not know it was on a fixed channel 11, but I did notice when I tried channel 11 the signal dropped horribly so I moved my 2.4Ghz to channel 1 because less people were using that one. Thanks for the info. The base station is about 1 to 1.5 feet from the ceiling, but it does sit about 4 to 5 feet away from my access point. I would like to actually move it away from the access point and maybe into the garage, but then if I need to plug it into a router I would have to unplug it and move it around the house to the router.

Your welcome I have 1 hub/base mounted at 10ft up Hi in my office and plugged into my 24 port switch,the farthest camera is about 45 feet away with 1 signal bar,I wish that Wyze would let you set the hub/base up as static address and the channel number as well