Outdoor cam 15ft from base and 1 bar

I have one base and two outdoor cameras. My router is high up on a shelf in main floor center of 2300 square ft house. My cameras are outside two upstairs windows. One was getting bad signal so I moved the base upstairs onto wifi. Base has 3 bars wifi strength and camera out window beside it 3 bars too. However a camera only 15 ft away outside one window is one bar connection. It’s a straight shot other than the window. Don’t know what to do. Advice welcome. Thanks.

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What is there anything between the camera that may block the signal?
Also, try switching the two cameras with each other to see if the the issue is the location or the camera.

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Dont rely on the signal gauge or (for the most part) the battery meter…i have 4 cams that have not been moved since maybe feb2021 and somehow the furthest away often has more signal than those 3 feet below the base. I think the base is just a wifi repeater that doesnt do much “smart wifi repeater” like change radio freq if its on a popular channel, or even receiving more data from one camera compared to others…i’m a MSP provider and Wifi deployments are my area of expertise.

Antennas have a radiating pattern. I bet your antennas are perpendicular to the ground. Turn your antennas parallel to the ground, wait a bit for the cameras to realize the change and now check the signal. It’s not a bubble, it’s more of a donut shape I believe. Your camera under the base may be in the donut hole. This is all an assumption because you haven’t mentioned your physical space, is there a brick wall under your base and above your camera with the bad signal?

I get your point but this specific client is a B&B that burned down on the hill side of our province’s largest ski resort. Sutton.
Its a no internet but a local terrible minimal connection, no infrastructure to have a provider connect us to anything worth considering a connection, so im waiting for starlink to ship our antenna and have a sim card in a LTE modem that manages maybe 35-45mbs on a good clear day. The 4 outdoor cams are essentially at 200ft interval from the street to the top of the property where the rebuild is in progress and the base is in a tree top with my “custom solar station setup”. That tree is the middle ground of what we monitor, thieves and construction compliance agents that can pass to inspect and we need time to get some workers out of sight as they drive some tonkas they own without “proper papers”

The antenna donut youre talking about is…or at least was a valid argument when antennas were a thing on routers, now beamforming makes this irrelevant and mostly a legacy bahavior. The reason why i was saying its probably the base that isnt super smart is because i have a fairly bigger source of signal just above with a Ubiquiti antenna also part of that solar station and the base doesnt seem to dynamically look for other channels when some cause issues…in fact ive seen in all they tend to stick to whatever settings they chose the first time they were setup…like for ever…and no possible way to reset or change anything, And the signal im stating isnt so much from the wyze side but what my setup tells me the spectrum analyzer reports for each camera and device with wifi signal emition.
I tend to not use wyze outdoor, in fact it was and still is to this day the line of cameras i hate the most and wyze know this, but also the worst rushed product they made with stupid design flaws and buggy software that tries to fix design with even worse execution. AKA putting a siren on a camera with the rubber gasket completely covering the speaker and NO VENT HOLES…this seems like a revision hardware was recently put to market, and the battery is also more consistent in the drain…i tried to find any tangible info on how to get it but other than just buying the standalone cam, there’s no way of knowing for sure and so far only 1 of the 6 i have installed was a revised model.