Why always very poor signal with outdoor cam and base?

I have the base and 4 outdoor cameras and I have 100 MB super fast high speed internet and strong wifi . I live in a townhouse unit . Why is it that I am frequently losing connection with poor signal and my outdoor camera goes offline ? I have strong wifi on my other devices at home but somehow the outdoor cameras have weak connection with only 1 bar. Now I can’t place 4k routers and 4 bases for each of the four camera . If I move the base closer to the front door camera , the upper floor camera may get poor signal . What do I do? Extremely frustrating!

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I got a mesh wifi system last week .

I picked up a WCO v2 this week . I placed it inside of my shed that currently doesn’t have any power. Just to keep an eye inside .

Since it doesn’t have any power , I have to have the base inside my house . I put I closest to the camera outside by sticking it besides a window .

I’ve noticed the closer the base is to the camera . The faster the camera works. With loading the live view and notifications

I enjoy it I would love to see Wyze venture out and make a stand alone Battery camera that DOES NOT require a base for connection.

Pls explain what is Mesh wifi and WCO 2 in your 2nd sentence . Thanks . I am very frustrated with this camera . It has been a PIA then any outdoor security camera . Half of the time it works half of the time there is 1 bar to zero bar and no signal

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This is the camera I have . It’s the second version of the wyze cam outdoor

I understand , same here and I’ve only had it for less than a week…

First of was the base . The first day I set it up , I was able to change the connection from Ethernet to Wifi.
The very next morning , I go and check on the camera and the live view NEVER loaded. Then an hour later , the base station and camera both went offline . Not even joking , less than 24 hours later…

After deleting the camera and base station from the app and setting them back up . I just could NOT get the base to change the connection from Ethernet to Wifi whatsoever.

Notifications speed. It’s horrendous , 25-30 seconds late . I kinda understand it . Because it needs the base for connection and mine is about 20 ft away so it’ll take a while to notify you .

The AI isn’t that great on it . During the day it’ll be alright give it take , but at night it’s god awful . Labels person events as motion.

All in all though , I treat it just as a camera that is keeping an eye inside of my shed where I store my valuables . It’s locked but I have it their just in case .

It could be wayyy better , like not needing a base for connection but then we’d see Wyze amping up the price of it…

Idk though , $85 is what I spent at Home Depot for it and I kinda have a feeling I might return the thing . I’ll have to decide soon. As I’m still in the 30 day return …

Are you getting signal interference from your neighbors? Depending on the density of your complex there might be an overabundance of Wi-Fi in your direct area and everyone stepping on everybody else which is causing you to have bad reception with your devices.

And that shows because your base station indicates that it has full signal on your home Wi-Fi. But the outdoor cameras don’t use that network they connect directly to the base station and their status is shown on your screenshot. Depending on the location that your cameras are at and the location of your single base station you might need to think about relocating the base station so that it gets better connection to all four of your cameras. Or think about adding at least maybe one more base station and use one for the front one for the rear. Some ideas to ponder.

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The signal bars on each of the 4 camera is like 1 bar , sometimes there is no bar . My townhouse home is. 2 bedroom unit . I have placed the base station in living room where my internet router is. I have two cameras outside the two doors , front and back side door of my living room and one on window in kitchen which is also very close to living room . I only have one camera placed outside the window on bedroom which is one floor above my living room . So I don’t understand there is always poor signal on these cameras . I think the best place to place the camera is in middle of living room . Battery draining fast is not my big concern as I can chathe but the very poor signal is not good. I guess I have to google reliable and wireless outdoor cameras and see reviews if those have complaints about poor signal issues and if those uses base stations . I can’t afford expensive outdoor cameras am sure you all know the Wyze outdoor camera and base station and wifi don’t work well . Maybe Wyze need to release an update to fix this or work on a new outdoor camera that doesn’t use bad base stations like this or without base stations at all.

Your issue may be with the structure you live in and the location of cams. Your other post said you have brick exterior walls. There are a lot of things that can reduce a wi-fi signal in a structure. My home is 2000 sq./foot wood framed structure, I am using my own cable modem/router, nothing fancy, 100 down, 6 up. I have good signals and notifications come in 3-4 seconds.


I’m new to Wyze, and have 1 indoor V3 cam and 2 outdoor V2 cams. But I believe I now understand the setting up correctly

Now unless somebody says other, the indoor cam V3 uses your WiFi (if you have one)


The outdoor V2 cams uses only the Wi-Fi generated by the base station ( which itself uses your normal WiFi, that’s why on your screen shot it shows full bars)

So you have to play with the base station, moving it around so that you can get the best reception possible for the four V2 cams, which is not easy or evident

The best solution would be a second base station so that all the cams have good reception, but for some reason Wyze doesn’t sell the base station by its self.

A mesh system for outside V2 cams will not work as again they only use the WiFi generated by the base station


Since your base station is connected to the router via Wi-Fi, test moving around the base station to improve signal. Just unplug the base station and move it to the front of the house plug it in wait for the light to turn solid blue and then check the status of the cameras, especially the front camera to see if they’re their connection improved. You may be able to find someone that has an extra base station to sell as they’re not sold separately if you wanted to go that route. Maybe moving the base station up a floor will help general connection to all your cameras. Since your base is connected to your network via Wi-Fi you don’t have to have it right next to your router.

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The wifi signal from the base to camera is a hit or miss. I have 4 Wyze outdoor cams . For the 3 backyard facing cameras , I set up a separate base for them and now I have good signal . For the living room door I set up a separate base and placed it to the window next to my door and now I have 4 bars. The living room to front door was the hardest . Somehow even with just 10 ft, I would get one bar only . I have now placed the base on window next to the door to get full signal . Not the area I wanted to set up the base station but I had no choice . I think the base station needs lots of improvement

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Still recording videos is hit or miss and unreliable even after placing the base station just few ft from the camera . Wifi has full signal and base connection is 2 to 3 bar . Here are the failed recordings