Connection is great to base, but very weak signal for outdoor cameras

So I called customer support about my issues with the week signal for outside cameras so after spending several hundred dollars for my cameras, Customer Service tells me I will have to spend another hundred dollars to buy a new router to make the signal better. I don’t feel like I should have to spend more money for something that should be working right in the first place reading articles. Other people are having the same issues, what are you guys going to do to resolve this issue without the consumer have to spend more money

Buying a new router is pure BS unless you have a really slow internet connection and that might be your ISP’s fault. Do you know your connection speeds at the router upload and download?
Is your base connected via ethernet to the router?
How far are the cams from the base?
Does the signal have to go through any steel/wire/brick/concrete walls?
I have been using the same base and WCO version one cams since 4 November 2020.
Furthest cam is 45 feet, one at 40 feet (The one with two bar signal) the others are at 30 feet and 25 feet.

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