Outdoor cams-Connection Failed

I have three Outdoor cams v.1. My garage cam was showing as offline, so I power cycled the base station. The base station rebooted and is showing a solid blue light. But now none of my cameras will work. My firmware and app are all up to date. I have reset my router several times, power cycled the base station and cameras multiple times, signed in and out of the app and forced quit the app multiple times. RouteThisHelps says my connection is good. When I try to load the cameras from the home screen, they attempt to connect before ultimately saying that the connection failed. On the Monitoring tab, the cameras say “The operation couldn’t be completed” with a serial number and error 5015.

I chatted with support last night and they had me submit a log to the engineers. They said I’d need to wait for a firmware update for a fix with no known date for this. Is there any other thing I can try? I don’t want to be without all of my cameras for an unknown period of time waiting for a fix that may or may not come. I feel like this might be a base station issue? Any suggestions on what I could try?

What firmware is on the base and cameras now?

Thanks for the response! The cameras are all on and the base is

I’m using all the same firmware on the base and my 4 Version 1 WCO as you are without issues so I don’t think it is a firmware issue. Have you checked the signal to your cams on the app? Here is my base and one cam. I just moved the backyard cam 30 min ago and guess I screwed up the signal, it’s had 2 bars for the last 23 months :astonished:

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