Outdoor Cam - hub distance issue

Pretty letdown with the camera overall. I was wondering, however, what is the max distance your camera can be from the hub? My camera works fine about ten feet away. Any further than that and it gets choppy and I can’t do a live view. It even cuts out and stops working all together. My hub is in the center of my house, about 20 feet away from where I am trying to put the camera, and it doesn’t work. Very frustrating.

I also have my hub up high, and internet is plenty fast. Any suggestions? Anyone else having this issue?

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I have the same problem. I was suspicious when I had to place my WOC close to the base station on the initial setup.
The Base Station puts out a pretty strong signal. In fact, it is stronger at my property line, about 40’, than my Netgear wifi router.
Unfortunately, communication is a two-way street, the Base Station and WOC both have to have decent receive capabilities. Since the Base Station puts out a strong signal, I suspect the WOC is not transmitting back at sufficient strength, or the Base Station receiver is not very sensitive.
At a distance of about 30’ from the Base Station, my WOC will connect about 50% of the time for live view. I am not very hopeful they will be able to fix this. This is not a total deal-breaker for me because I only plan on placing the camera in remote locations with timelapse enabled.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunate this is an issue outside of just my camera. Looks like it might not work for my situation :frowning: