Outdoor v2 loses connection to base station across wall and windows

My camera loses connection to base station as soon as it loses line of sight to the base station, regardless of distance. I connected the base station to different locations across my small home (including placing the base station on the opposite side of the wall within 3 feet) and was not able to connect, but when I plugged it in within exterior view, it was finally able to connect. Base station and cam are up-to-date.

I wonder if there’s an issue with the firmware or with the camera itself.

I have four of the version 1 WYZE Cam Outdoor and my base is connected ethernet. I have cams at 45 feet, 40 feet, 35 feet an 30 feet and all but one have 3 bars signal. The 4th cam has two bars. Have you checked the Wi-Fi signal of the cam at different locations. It can be found in Device info. in the settings.

Yes I have. When I have it within the same room, the highest it goes is two bars and as soon as they go out of view of each other, it goes to no bars and will not work despite being less than 10 feet away with an open door next to it. I also tested it out yesterday at another house and I had the same results. I may get a second one to test if it is a faulty camera.

Is your base connected by plugging it into the router or are you using the Wi-Fi connection.
2 bars in the same room doesn’t sound good.

Tried both Ethernet and WiFi connections. I tried with the included cable as well as a few known good cables I’ve made. Unfortunately, same results. I have other WiFi cameras that don’t have any signal interference issues anywhere.

Just to update:

It was a faulty Outdoor Cam. After getting a gift card from Wyze to buy a new one, I set it up and it was working as it should from any corner of my home. Thanks for the replies!

That’s good new, happy to hear your new camera is working as it should.