Outdoor Camera - New and already offline

Just bought and put up four Wyze outdoor cameras (v2) at the end of May and already one of them is showing as “offline”. I suppose it could be my Internet/WiFi connection, but the others don’t seem to be having this issue.

Kind of frustrating because this is the one camera that was hard to put up and hard to reach … and thus hard to get down to try and re-pair it or something.

Any suggestions?

You can check the signal to your cam by going to the app and tap the base icon and it will show the signal strength to each WCO. Or you can open that one camera to live view > settings > Device info and look at that one cam signal strength. Is your base connected via ethernet or are you using a Wi-Fi connection?

You can try power cycling the base station.

That what they all say

Thanks … I believe the base is connected by ethernet? It shows two bars in the signal strength area …

I tried unplugging the base station for 20 seconds and then plugging it back in, but that didn’t fix the issue unfortunately … but thanks for the suggestion!

You tried or you did. They will tell you to go around the world and block and it won’t be fix. All in here is just testers for wyze… I been using wyze for years and it’s the same. Thank GOD for freedom of speech

From my experience with my indoor OG, a 2 Bar signal strength was not good enough to have a good constant stream. I was getting a lot of freezing and jitter.
But I was not loosing my connection, or going off-line, like you are, so this might not be the main reason for your problem.

I did fix my signal strength problem by buying a cheap wifi extender on Amazon called “TP-Link WiFi Extender”

Also, if you tap the signal strength Bars icon (in Device Info) a few times, the actual Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) number will appear (instead of the bars). This will give you a more accurate reading, especially if you are moving/adjusting the cam’s and/or Wifi extender’s location.

It’s possibly the most current firmware. My Outdoor Cam has been craptastic for weeks now. It’s not more than 10 feet from the base station and it constantly has no connection.

It :clap: Is :clap: Not :clap: My :clap: WiFi :clap:

I just updated to the latest firmware, so maybe that’s it, who knows? All I do know is that it’s very annoying! Wonder if I should’ve gone with ring instead.

Dunno. But then Amazon gets all your data. :wink:

Is your base station getting really hot. I’ve noticed mine is starting to overheat.

The best station does feel a bit warm, but I don’t know that I’d say hot. But I’ll definitely monitor that.

My base station was quite warm. I’ve done a return to Amazon, going to see if a new set has the same base problem that I get (Outdoor Cam V2 VERY frequent “failed to connect”, with excellent signal, only fixable by power cycling).