Wyze Outdoor Cameras are unreliable with multiple issues

Wyze Outdoor Cameras continue to struggle with connection. Nothing helps. Signal shows strength yet, they continue to drop offline over and over. Have done all the troubleshooting steps and yet, they still drop offline over and over. I’ve given up. Resetting does not help. These things are just useless blocks.


So what are “all the troubleshooting steps” ? Is your base connected wireless or via ethernet? what versions of firmware are you using on the cams and base? How far are the cams from the base? did they ever work before or is this something new? If you bring a camera inside and set it next to the router does it still drop offline over and over? Have you ever looked at the led on the base when the cams go off line and see what color it is and or flashing?

I’ve done all of that. I’m a very tech guy and of course, considered all of this. I have had the cameras literally a foot away from the base station and still no signal. It began about a month ago, and there is nothing I seem to do that is able to reverse them. They go online and then drop off an hour later. I can see from many forums that I am not alone.


If all cameras do it,then you must have a bad base/hub…replace the hub and try it.

I tossed them. Got a whole line of Nest Goggle. Happy now.


Are you kidding us? It’s so easy to fix

Very happy with the Nest Stuff. Should have gone in this direction to begin with.

We have a few of there cams we bought them on sale,due 2 the hi price,I got 2 for mother’s day last year

yeah, they are pricey but the quality is totally amazing.

True not bad we have notice there all about the same,it’s what kind of services they provide,we like the arelo pro good reviews,lots of extras for a cheap price.

I will check those out. Never heard of those, I’m curious.

Number 3 brand of cameras sold on Amazon my spelling might not be correct

Same issue with one of my three flood light cams. Goes offline. Signal strength is good, tried all the troubleshooting etc. have to continue to power cycle it which is fun on top of a ladder.

I have 4 outdoor hubs around a condo complex, along with many wired cams. 2 of the hubs are ethernet, two are wifi, each with one or two cameras. Once I get a solid connection, the cameras stay connected all the time. I have found that certain locations have electromagnetic interference (eg, garage car sensors, baby monitors) that cause the cameras to lose connection for long enough to give up and turn off. The cameras constantly ping the Wyze servers to ask if your mobile app is asking to connect to them. If too many pings go unanswered, the camera stops pinging and it appears to your app like it has lost connectivity. The signal strength indicator on the app is not a once and done gauge. If I find that I’m losing connectivity over time, I move the camera and try again. Line of sight is best. Outside walls with stone tend to have metal lath behind them and act like a faraday shield, blocking or reflecting the wifi signal. I look for and avoid electric devices that are periodically turned on and distort the radio signal. I’ve had an outdoor camera inside a metal elevator for a year with zero connection problems. The wireless hub is sitting 1 foot away from the electric motor. It’s not always the obvious metal things that interfere with connectivity.

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Never had that issues we currently have 44 of the outdoor cameras at alot of sites with no issues at all the wireless base/hub uses wifi ch.11 so we dont have any other items on that channel and all hubs are plugged into our 48 port poe switch,we have tryed it on wifi but over long periods it failed so we dont use it on wifi

That’s happened forever with me on all v2 and v3 cameras I’ve ever had. I just gave up troubleshooting a long time ago and just constantly hit reload. Far, far, far from acceptable but I just didn’t have the time or energy to pursue it.

That’s a thorough explanation, thanks. What doesn’t make sense to me is that I also have several Ring flood cams and I have never once had any of the nuanced issues I tend to have with the Wyze products.

The only way to resolve these issues is to buy a older N type only WiFi router. TP-Link has a nice $20 one I bought. Add it to your regular WiFi system. Make sure it is not an Access Point: the new router should create it’s own sub-net. Make sure it is only used by your camera. That’s the only way to make it work reliably. Modern WiFi devices that can service many connected devices at same time, switches rapidly between devices, something Wyze cameras can not handle: especially when you have many connected devices.

that’s an interesting solution. Trying to keep these outdoor cameras working is a full time job. I am about to give up on them. It’s not worth it.

Well, this is the very cheapest (and best way, in my opinion) to create a stable wyze camera system. I’ve been up a week now with no outages of any kind.

The router I got is now $19 at amazon:

Amazon.com: TP-Link N300 Wireless Extender, Wi-Fi Router (TL-WR841N) - 2 x 5dBi High Power Antennas, Supports Access Point, WISP, Up to 300Mbps : Electronics

saves lots of time troubleshooting (I spent a couple weeks troubleshooting before I tried this).

even with the extra money for router, wyze cameras are very cheap.