Wyze outdoor cameras unreliable

I have 3 v3 cams which are reliable and 6 outdoor cameras that are not. The base stations are both up and up to date as were the cameras a day ago. They’ve all gone to offline status bar one today for the second time in a week. These things can’t be relied on. Having to restart my router and each cam individually once a week to get them going is not acceptable.
I run Google nest wifi and all the other devices are up and running. These things need a proper remote reboot option. I suspect I’ll be binning the lot in the very near future unless the performance improves

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So I’ve read about V2s and V3s going “offline”, but are’t if you select them. Is this that? Can you select them and have them work?

No- the wireless bridges are online but all the outdoor cams are not reachable and show as offline

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A logical first question is whether WiFi strength is sufficient to reach them outside. Reach them consistently, that is.

One of my two outdoors cameras died after 18 months of use. I understand they are in expensive but I expect better longevity out of a product. I will not be replacing it with another Wyze product.

I had one Outdoor cam during the Spring at 3 weeks stopped charging. I Emailed support (not wasting time calling) and toss the Cam in the trash. I am running 2 Outdoor Cams which are working OK (yet when the Network is down 1 Cam battery drains). I am running 2 Ring Outdoor Cams in Parallel and Ring is fantastic…They just work very well.

Yep under 5 metres. They are all affected