Wyze cam outdoor is a disappointment

Just tested the Outdoor camera and base station.
Camera battery at 90+ %.
Base station has internet (hardware ethernet connection to Google Wifi device).
Camera and base station are just a few feet apart, INDOORS (nothing between the two of them).
They report “paired.”
I’ve had it work and show a great picture.
But if I move the camera maybe 15 feet away, behind a single wooden door, it stops working.
No automatic reconnection.
Both lights remain solid blue.
The Wyze app indicates that the camera is turned off.
I click on the button to turn the camera on.
App says “loading” for several seconds, but then gives up.
Maybe the range is a problem for these 2 devices, but I’d at least like auto-reconnect.

highly likely due to server issues they started having last night and is ongoing.

Similar issues here…3 outdoor cams connected inside a wood building - only getting 1 bar of signal and the cameras ore only 20-30 feet away and rarely actually connect - really sucks as their other products always exceeded expectations…this one is way under performing…contacted customer care and went thru normal troubleshooting, but no resolution…