Tips for range issues (Outdoor Cam)

So, received my Wyze Outdoor Cam starter bundle today, and was very excited to get it installed. Setup went smooth (in house), went outside to check range, everything seemed fine. Mounted the cam, and opened the app only to find it not connected.

So I went outside, took the cam down, and noticed the light isn’t on. Restarted the cam, connected just fine, put it back on the mount, went inside and bam…no connection. It appears every time I “close” the app the connection forfeits. Is this a range issue? The cam is only about 30 feet from the base.

I find it terribly frustrating that I have a $500 wireless mesh system in my house, but the Outdoor cam needs to connect to a WIRED base unit. This means, without multiple Ethernet jacks at locations close to the outdoor installation locations, the camera’s appear to be useless. Aside from purchasing range extenders and planting base units all over the house, is there any way to deal with this issue? I’m shocked, as the range is estimated to be about 60 feet from the reviews…yet only 30 ft from the wired base the camera won’t connect. Unreal…


Same issue just 10’ and 1 wall away

Just receive my outdoor bundle camera got it set up works great but the second camera I got it set up until I hang it outside would not connect. Deleted and add again same issue once mount outside.

I’m having the same issue. Extremely frustrating.

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I was just told by Wyze support that having connectivity issues with one or more outdoor cams & base station is a known issue that Wyze is working on. The camera will continue to record “events.” Was told to “hang tight” and the fix will be in a firmware update.


I am experiencing the same issue. If the camera could just use Wifi like my Ring cameras, this wouldn’t be an issue.

I put a ton of faith into Wyza and ordered the bundle and 3 expansion cameras. Hopefully they will address this properly.