WOD limited range on WIFI

I have two issues with the WYZE cam outdoor. Number one is range. It is very fussy about how far it will connect to the mesh system. I had it just outside a bay window which is maybe 20 feet from one of the mesh routers. It does connect but takes much more time than the Cam 2s and Cam 3s in the system. I moved it to a location where I have no power that is about 30 feet from a mesh router and it will connect then drop offline and will not stay connected. A Cam 2 will work in the same location when powered by an extension cord or power pack, same with a Cam 3. The second issue is once I connect or even attempt to connect, it is nearly impossible to disconnect and go to a second camera. I can kill the app but the WOD cam comes up next time I run the app and tries to connect or refuses to disconnect. It takes multiple attempts to disconnect. When I am viewing full screen, clicking the exit will reduce the image to the small screen but it will Immediately go back to full screen before I can press exit. I have over 2 aches, fully covered with Wi-Fi signal from 8 mesh routers and all WYZE cameras will connect wherever I place them other than the WOD. I see Iā€™m not the only one with this problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Im getting 30-90 feet on our outdoor cams,the hub/base is mounted at about 13 ft. On the wall.The trick is to have the main unit mounted up hi,last week i went over to a friends house and her husband just has there hub sitting on a table,no coverage at all,moved it to the top of there book case which is 11 feet problem fixed.

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I did not realize I needed the base station for this to work correctly. I just discovered I can not buy just a base station and as my impression of the WOC is that it is less than optimal and mose reviews are bad, I will not throw good money after bad.
Does Anyone want to buy a WOD cheap?

Home Depot is currently having a sale on the OutDoor Camera with Base. It is only $35.00. A colleague of mine purchased 3 of them and is going back for more. :slight_smile:

One of his Cameras is 300 ft away and connects without issue. He put the Base on the second floor of his house near the window. Less interference.

I did not realize I had the base so I connected it and that helped some. The WOC is around 30 feet from the base and at first it appeared that it would be OK. Later in the day it will not connect so I have no idea what to do.

Thanks for all the advice, guys


Make sure you are on the latest FW for both the Base and the Camera. They have corrected some connectivity issues.