Directionality of camera to base signal

I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor in my barn. It is right at the edge of signal range to the base station and I have no way of getting anything closer. The base station is in a window nearest the barn and the camera is in a window of the barn. Very much line of sight. About 150 feet away. The barn is probably 10-15 feet lower elevation.

Does anyone know the geometry of the signal coming off the camera? With my wifi router and antenna, the signal is strongest in the plane orthogonal to the antenna. It covers a floor well but signal is worse as you change vertical direction. Does something similar happen with the camera? If so, can I do anything to point that signal plane toward the base station?

I have 4 WCO all outdoors and none of them are in sight of the base which is sitting about 6 feet above the floor. I have one cam about 8 inches above the ground, all the other are mounted about 8 feet above the ground mounted to different sides of the house. One is at 15 feet away from the base, two of them are about 35-40 feet away and one at 40-45 feet away from base. I think 150 feet is really pushing it despite WYZE saying 300 feet. I have areas around my house maybe 50-65 feet I have moved the cams to and can not get a strong signal.
If you only have one WCO can’t you try to the change the base from ethernet connection to wi-fi connection and try to put the base in the barn if you have power available in there?

I was wondering the same thing just today. I have a cam in my chicken run that works most of the time, but the cam inside the coop has problems (I’m sure because of all the metal around it). I got a new wifi router with farther range and that helped. One day I moved it about 4 feet away from my desk and onto a shelf that has an almost straight line out the door and through the kitchen and got even better reception in the run. The coop is not quite 100’ away. But for the cam inside the coop I found that backing it against the opening of a corner where there was a space between the frame and metal roof and that helped somewhat. That made me think that maybe the direction of the signal was coming from the back of the camera, I’ll just have to remove some of the hardware cloth and make a space in the door where the backside can sit outside, looking in.