Remote antennae (?)

I live in a brick house, having a very difficult time with the connectivity between the cameras and the base unit. Any suggestions? I’m hoping for a solution, willing to purchase whatever is recommended.

What kind of cameras V2, V3 or WCO?

If Wyze Cam Outdoor move the base closer or put in a window, the glass will pass the signal better than through the bricks.

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Need more info, where is the base unit l compairson to your cameras. What’s the distance from, what’s in-between etc. How is the base connected to your network?

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Running actual wire is a pain but is very likely worth it. Battery powered cameras are full of pain and compromise.

Yes, it’s a WCO model. Is there a longer cable available in order to move the base closer to a window? Also, I only have 2 cameras r n but they’re on opposite sides of the house so putting the base unit in the window will really only help me with one of them.