Wyze Cam Outdoor Range improvements

Is there a way to extend the range of my wyze cam outdoors without having to buy a bunch of base stations. It would have been nice to just connect via wifi directly. I have a mesh network that extends all over my property and the base station can barely reach across my house which is honestly a fairly small house

Mount or place the base station as close to the outside of the side of the home that the wco is mounted outside of. You may need a long ethernet cable or plug the base into a range extender or something similar.

How do you and where is your base currently set up?


This one works well:

It’s on the outside wall already, the problem is I have 4 outdoor cams on each corner and the base station doesnt have enough range. The house is small it should be able to communicate with more then 1 bar with all the cams.

This would require multple base stations which is what I am trying to avoid. The issue isn’t wifi range the issue is the base station range.

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What type of material are the walls made out of and how many does the signal travel through?
I have a base on the complete other side d my house and the cameras work fine.

Just thinking outside the box, is there an option to mount the base in an attic space? That’ll get it up and away from wires or pluming in the walls, into a space with less obstructions and hopefully better line for the wifi to go directly to the cameras and be able to keep one base station hopefully.

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I agree with @Omgitstony- signal disperses in an “umbrella” shaped pattern and elevating it could increase your range a bit, if you have a way to run either an ethernet cable from your router or have an outlet in your attic for an extender like @Brlepage posted.