Wyze outdoor cam setup help

Hello folks!

I am a newbie here so please be gentle!

I just bought the Outdoor starter bundle and a couple of extra cameras. Everything hooked up and connected correctly and works great, however, it seems one of the camera locations is too far from the base station, so it wont connect.

So my question is this, How can I boost the base station signal, or do I just need to buy a second one.

Can I have more than one base station. The property I want to cover is pretty large. Right now I am not using a wireless router, just our cable modem and the base station. We have been remodeling, so the house is empty right now, we have been having issues with break ins while we are not living there.

Welcome to the Wyze community @jmcdaniel0!
You have two possible fixes to this issue.
You could purchase another starter bundle and setup another base station. You would have to run a long ethernet cable or connect the base station to a WIFI extender with an ethernet port on it.
You could move your current base station to a more central area if it isn’t already. You could use one of the listed methods above to do this.

A range extender specifically for the WCO base is on the Wishlist. You can vote for it here: