Outdoor Booster

Is there a way to use a wifi booster/relay with the battery operated wyze cam outdoor units?

Hmm, prior to the recent firmware update, I would have said no. However, now that you can connect the WCO base to your own personal WiFi network (instead of only hard wired ethernet) I would say sort of.

You can use (what you call) a “booster” to extend your existing personal WiFi signal and then power up your WCO base in a location where your extended WiFi network exists. The base will then broadcast its own hidden SSID, which the cameras use for connectivity.

Technically you’re not extending the WCO’s WiFi network, but are extending your own personal WiFi network, which the base can now connect to with the latest firmware update. This is kind of a confusing topic and I hope that my post makes sense. Feel free to reply with questions.

When I add an additional camera to the base station can I do it without direct access to it? Say the base station is in a fiberglass box on my roof and not in easy access? Do I need to press that button on the base every time I add an additional camera?

You need to pair the outdoor cam to the base , pushing the sync button on the cam itself should do it if the base is already broadcasting and the cam is within range which I thought I read was within 6 feet. Base on the roof in a box doesn’t sound like a good plan to me but I try to avoid ladders as much as possible anyway.

Good day. Any tips on extending the signal to connect an outdoor cam? My base is inside my house. I have 3 cams, one front, one side entry, one back. The side entry and back cams have signal and connect. The front cam has no signal and doesn’t connect. Oddly, the distance between the front cam and the back cam to the base is equal.

Thank you!

If you have the newly updated firmware I guess you could connect the base station to your Wi-Fi network instead of having it connected via ethernet and move the base around until you get a good signal all around. Maybe even get a wi-fi range extender if you connect the base via wi-fi to make sure the base is getting a good strong signal. Just make sure you connect the base to the 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi network if you have both 2.4 and 5.0.

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Thank you Antonius! I’ll go for that and let you all know how it works out.

Much appreciated