Signal Extender/range extender

This is just a question I have read about the new WYZE cam outdoor. When I was reading about it I read about it uses a base station to connect to the cameras. I also read that the camera works better when in line of sight without walls to the base station. If so is it possible to extend the range between the base station and camera with a typical WiFi extender? Or does the cam/base-station use a nonstandard signal to communicate. If you can’t use a WiFi extender to extend range it would Be a cool idea to make a range extender that just plugs into a wall outlet to allow you to have cameras farther away from the base-station.


This is a cool idea! :+1:
The base station only needs power and a wired connection to your router You could also use a long ethernet cable to move the base station (as long as you’ve got power) closer to the camera.

I don’t believe you can use a wifi extender between the base station and the WCO. The base station will only allow the WCO to connect to it.

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I’d like to see a range extender for my outdoor Cams too. I have animals that I need to check on when they are near delivery time and the stalls are just out of range but I do have one structure with power between the house and stalls. A range extender would be a godsend.

In your structure between house and stalls place the WCO base there and connect it to a WiFi Bridge that connects to your home WiFi. Many Wireless Access Points (WAP) have the ability to be used in “Bridge Mode”