Cam outdoor WiFi signal best practices

I added an additional WCO to my base. I have questions about some best practices for connecting them. Do the cameras themselves communicate only with the base station, presumably over an ad hoc Wi-Fi network?

The new camera is at perimeter of my property and before I go crazy trying to extend my Wi-Fi signal out there I wanted to make sure that I’m extending the right signal to the cam. I can certainly relocate the base closer, or add an access point closer, but want to make sure I’m extending the right signal first. It may ultimately make more sense to add another base but for now I just need to have a better understanding of the device signaling


Yes. The WCO base station has its own wifi network that the WCOs connect to, then the base station connects into your network via an Ethernet cable or wifi.

Yep I’ve recommended multiple base stations for WCO installs that are beyond a single battle stations reach.

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Okay, that’s what I was thinking. I didn’t want to go crazy trying to get my Wi-Fi signal down the driveway if it wasn’t going to make any difference. I’ve got wired land out in the garage so I may just throw another base station out there since it’s closer to the outdoor cam.

One other question, if I want continual recording to an SD card, base station versus cam? Can a single SD card in a base station record continually from all cams? Or am I better off with one card per cam? I know I’m going to have power issues with the continual recording, but if the solar panel provides enough juice I might be willing to give that a whirl.

The WCO doesn’t have the continuous recording local storage function that other cams that are powered by a wire have. The WCO does have a scheduled recording which isn’t quite a full continuous recording but keep in mind when using this function the battery drain super fast and you’ll use it up in a fairly quick fashion.

The card in the base is for backing up 12 second cloud clips, not cam plus clips, to the card. The card in the camera itself is for saving time lapses and the scheduled recording clips.