Outdoor cam, weak signal and poor operation

I had a v2 on my front porch getting 30 mbs signal from my mesh system but just switched to the outdoor to get rid of wires and now my signal at same place from base is almost non existent. I do not have ethernet wired closer to cam and even if I did my plan was to put outdoor cam in front , back and side of my house so base is now in central location. Is it possible to run a wireless extender off base signal or do you have any other ways to correct this?, if not I am planning on sending my 3 outdoor cams and base back. Also, camera records cars passing by house but misses someone in my driveway or walking up to my door. Confused why it catches movement 50 feet away and not always at 20 feet. Seems to be a lot of design flaws and yes, I did the update.

Sounds as if you need multiple bases and multiple WiFi extenders.

Or just be willing to drill some holes and route cables where you need them to go back to using wired cameras. I suspect most of us are happier with the way the V2s work. Lots of limitations and gotchas on the WCO, as has been extensively covered in the forum.

Can you run a wifi extender off of base?. otherwise I will need multiple bases as well, not ideal. V2 definitely worked better,

You can run wifi extender, and then have the base ethernet connected to the extender.

That’s not the point @WyzeDongsheng. He asked if he can extend the base instead. He cannot. Instead for his usage he will have to buy multiple bases.

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The Person detection is hit and miss. Whatever they changed recently is causing the radiance from vehicle lights to cause false Person alerts on the WCO. The V2 does not exhibit this problem. Since the Person detection is not a subscription option for WCO, apparently the core development is not being supported as well on it.

The WCO is in all ways inferior to the V2. I moved it inside my house and have it in the room next to one with a V2 and I can walk room to room without the WCO picking me up but the V2 does every time. Waiting on return label to send it back. WCO was a good idea but poor execution.

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Yeah I get it. I was a bit taken when I learned that the WCO was a battery only model. I do not want to maintain/monitor batteries and have yet another wireless device (the base station) on top of that to maintain/reboot/monitor as needed. With WiFi connected cams there is plenty of that to do already…LOL.

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