Any one actually like the outdoor camera?

Just wondering, hating mine so far. Want’s to be plugged into an Ethernet port and within 50ft of the base station. This thing is a fing pos that is not working at 46.5 feet from the station. Let alone where I want it…yet my wireless ring cam is working flawless at the farther location. And what a waste of plastic on the appreciation gift, wonder how many end up polluting our water ways. Whats the refund policy on this thing?


Sorry, a partial repost from an earlier comment.
I know many in this forum haven’t been happy about the outdoor not meeting there expectations for an outdoor cam. I read the specs and reviews by beta testers before I placed my order, so I pretty much know what it will and won’t do.
“You can’t please all of the people”
“Perfect is the enemy of good” (Meaning if you’re waiting for perfection, nothing will ever get done.)
A product that does everything doesn’t excel at anything.

Now for a minor rant:
For GS, people, please spend one extra penny and make an instruction pamphlet that people with eyes over forty can read. The font size is microscopic and barely readable.
Actually there was enough room on the pamphlet for larger font sizes.

Yesterday I fired up my WOC, which I received three days ago.
The set-up was easy and fast.
Maybe because I read the specs and reviews before I ordered the WOC, I am perfectly happy with the functions available to the user. It certainly outperforms in every way, a “trail” camera that I used to own. One thing I like (maybe peculiar to my system) is how quickly the WOC responds to the on/off command. Much quicker than my V2 cameras.
If you have read my posts, you know I’m often critical of Wyze, but if you ordered the WOC without actually reading the specs or reviews, that’s your problem.
If you want to see a review that addresses the cameras real uses and capabilities, check out:
(Though makes the same mistake addressing the camera as a security camera).


Understood, but why are you buying into the utter fiction that Wyze cameras, and especially the outdoor model, are not security cameras? They point outside, detect motion, detect people, set off alerts, generate notifications, log video recordings, monitor via night vision with additional LED illumination, work in the same app with door locks and various sensors, allow remote monitoring, and more. The only things they’re missing are a built in siren and telephone dialing (though the app features an emergency button). Every week someone comes in here talking about using the video to protect themselves and their families and their property and their vehicles.

They’re security cameras. Wyze is a security camera company. They ALWAYS have been.


I always refer to mine as security cameras. In regards to Wyze, it’s probably a legal thing so they don’t get sued when one of their “not security” cameras fails to record a crime properly or hiccups at the wrong time.


Wyze has even sated they are not a security camera. A security camera is something like the Ring, that alerts you as soon as something is detected. Not after you package has been stolen and it has finished recording. Even the new upgrade they are pawning off on people is not sending alerts as soon as an event is detected.

Never said they were GOOD security cameras. :slight_smile: But of course for all purposes they are equivalent to Ring in targeted feature set.

But security cameras they be. And of course they claim otherwise because they’d prefer not to have responsibility for reliability even as they peddle front door locks and window contact sensors and motion detectors and emergency buttons and outdoor security cameras and front door secure video doorbells. As I said, it’s a fiction. In my opinion it’s silly to buy into that. And I mostly like my Wyze stuff.

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Masochistic eh…

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Yeah maybe. :slight_smile: (By “buy into” I did mean the fiction, not the products, which are relatively okay.)

Like the fact it wont even work at 46 feet away, yea defiantly not good. Not in any way.

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I had a long career with, and dealing with, various government agencies so, I know what a real security camera is and it’s not a Wyze Cam.
I know people buy these and using them for “security” cameras, but they’re not. So, when a $20 Wyze camera fails the test as a “security” camera, they shouldn’t be too surprised. If people believe product hype and advertising at this late date, they are truly naive.
I still use a Wyze cams to monitor my garbage cans, watch my cat. etc.
But, I call them monitors and do not rely on them.


So how would you differentiate?

Well, you can search for yourself, but the first requirement for security camera versus just a monitor is; a security camera needs to be hardwired, a security camera needs hardwire access to a secure recorder, quick playback access to video, yada, yada, yada, a monitor does not.
Wireless systems are extremely easy to defeat,

Most people use wireless systems because they are more convenient, flexible and cheaper.
Part of the problem is just semantics.
My main worry is for people to rely on them for the health and safety of their loved ones.
Like a .22 cal revolver vs a Glock.45, it’s better than nothing.


I like my WCOs! Wyze is planning to roll out more features for them!

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I bought one but hesitate to open it, might sell it. My V2s in enclosures outside have been holding up so far. Can it function as a dashcam offline or does it only have the timelapse?

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Unlike members here, so much of the general public seems to have no clue about this fact! ANY system dependent on WiFi is not a real security system.

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Exactly! I like and buy Wyze cams because often they can achieve 80% of the results for 20% of the cost of bigger name systems.

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Always best to have backup systems! :grinning:



It’s pretty unfair to compare what “Various Government Agencies” are using, and a Wyze cam. Our build-outs utilize VDG dome cams, and freeway cams with LPR, but I still have wyze cams at my home… It’s foolish to install thousands of dollars of cameras when I still have a wooden front door with 2 point lock. A thief will get in if they want to regardless. I don’t have multiple series of doors to gain entry to, and no guards like the buildings we fit. Wyze cams ARE security cameras, just a budget option, with 85% of features. Why are you on this forum if you weren’t impressed with what they can do. Also, hows your battery life on WOC


The outdoor camera can’t be setup if it’s stolen. If you’re using Cam Plus or you’re lucky enough to catch it on the 12 seconds of cloud video then the video will be saved too.

The fact that the WOC has a battery makes it a far safer option as a “security” camera. People using a wireless system for security should ask themselves this: What happens if I lose power to my house?
Then Google “simple wifi jammer”.


Great assertion and, true

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Huh? People with wired systems lacking a good UPS certainly have to ask the same question.