Outdoor Cam Disappointment

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading quite a few people on here getting disappointed over the new outdoor camera and I can’t blame them.

A few things that stood out to me:

  • the design/appearance is almost identical to the indoor cameras
  • a $60 price is not so cheap (yes, the $10 of shipping to receive the camera after 6-8 weeks is added towards the total price)
  • battery powered only; this is the main feature that I feel will turn away customers. Most people aren’t going to get the camera down, charge it and put it back up ever 1-2 months (realistic battery life, the majority of users get more than 10 alerts a day)
  • the hub is kind of annoying, it’s an extra thing to worry about especially since it’s ethernet only

And the main thing that I haven’t read anyone mention so far yet is that it’s main competitor is the indoor camera. Both V1 and V2 have all the features of the outdoor camera and you have the option of a wired connection. It’s been out for over 3 years and everyone’s figured out a way to use it outside whether it’s placing it somewhere where it won’t get wet or putting on a 3rd party outdoor case/mount. At $25 it easily leaves the new outdoor camera feeling dated. This outdoor camera would’ve been fantastic in 2017, maybe 2018 too but definitely not for today’s times.

What do you guys think? Maybe there’s something that I’m missing to the outdoor camera but compared all the other Wyze devices, this one feels flat.

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The specs for the outdoor camera have been posted in the forum for weeks so the almost released camera wasn’t much of a surprise to me.
I had no intentions of buying one and still don’t.
WYZE had input from hundreds of people other than this forum. They built a camera based on what the majority of people wanted, supposedly.
I don’t think the people asking for a battery powered camera fully understood the limitations and inconvenience of actually using them. :blush:

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Couldn’t agree more, I’ll leave my V2’s outside. I’ve seen very few complaints even from those that have their V2’s outside without a housing. Requiring an Ethernet only hub is a backwards move IMO.

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The PIR sensor is probably the only feature that is better than the V2 camera.