Outdoor Cam Big Disappointment

I was expecting this cameras to replace 3 cams located in the second floor of my house under the roof. If cameras work only on batteries that means that I have to climb a ladder, recharge batteries, then climb again the ladder to put the camera in place and open the app to re align the camera, Are you serious about that?
I will buy the indoor version look for decent housing and does it.


Mr Hrnieto, you are right !!!
After a long time, waiting for a great, different, new and original outdoor solution, I’m really disagree with this camera…
I don’t interest on scale for my bath, watch band, or cheapest chinese product for pandemic… I WAS EXPECTING A GREAT OUTDOOR CAMERA…
I don’t believe in battery life as exposed, because, an outdoor camera take image from a wide zone, where you have cars, persons, pets, etc. that make a lot of event during the day, not average of 12…
There is no notice about entire life and replacement batteries when they die, its has a accesible storage? or we need replace or send to Wyze for replacement?
Its a pity, and this does not agree with the wonderful previous cameras… tks


Same here. Very disappointed with what the Outdoor Cam became. When they made it battery operated they then had to substantially limit it’s capabilities in order to prolong battery life. I was expecting a V2 that was waterproof - not what we got. I will not be buying any.


You could still keep the WCO connected to power like your V2s. It’s just not recommended because with the back panel open it’s no longer considered weather-proof and actually voids the warranty. But you are already running non weather-proof V2s outside, might as well do it with the WCO which has the better PIR detection.


The WCO wont record continuously is the big one for me. That is a total stopper. The requirement to use the “base station” instead of my extremely good WiFi is another one. The list goes on.
I have several V2 cameras outside that are either in a totally protected location or are in one of the Amazon “birdhouse” enclosures which totally protects the power connection.


Not that it helps right now, but as with many Wyze products there is room for additional features to be added in the future. It’s not that the WCO can’t record continuously, it’s that Wyze limited that ability to prevent poor user experiences. It’s understandable that they removed that feature since continuous recording would only be practical with continuous power (which they don’t recommend for a couple reasons).

Once the WCO starts shipping we may see some good DIY or third-party “USB+rubber stopper” solutions that allow continuous power while remaining weatherproof, and that might convince Wyze to add continuous recording as an “advanced” feature similar to offering RTSP for those who know what they’re doing.


Keeping any battery powered device plugged in is a bad idea that can lead to excessive heat buildup and battery physically swelling and rupturing.

I had an iPad in a wall mount for a little over a year. Came out one morning to find the batteries had swollen and leaked all over the wall. There were also scorch marks from where it shorted during the failure.

In other words it’s fine. Until it isn’t. No warning I could see, no heat build up I could feel no functional issues. Just bang.


Good point.

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As I said in my earlier post, what I was expecting was a V2 that was waterproof. That’s not what we got. They made too many compromises in order for it to be battery operated. As it is currently offered, I have no expectation of ever buying one.
Now if they come out with a waterproof V2, that would be a different story.


I’ve been using Wyze Cam and Pan outside since they came out. With a little shelter they work fine. And the one I have furthest from the house is the only one that’s not on Ac power. It runs for 6 months on a motorcycle battery.
Great Wyze has something more to sell us. How about taking a close look at the last release of the Wyze App???
Anyone know of a third party app that works well with the Wyze cameras? Or how to roll back to the last version?



Android is easy

Older app versions to sideload

3rd Party App (still need Wyze app just for setup)

Apple - not so much unless you have good backups to restore old version from

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I never even thought of a motor cycle battery! That’s pretty neat actually! Do you have to use anything between the battery and the camera?

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You would need a DC-DC step down converter to reduce 12v to 5v USB.
I would recommend a deep cycle battery or a UPS battery rather than a motorcycle battery. Something that’s made to be discharged / charged repeatedly


I figured I would need something to step the voltage down. I have 2 of these that are relatively new.

Chrome Battery YTX5L-BS - Rechargeable Motorcycle Battery - Replacement for CT5L-BS, CTX5L-BS, ES5L-BS, GTX5L-BS, PTX5L-BS - Maintenance Free Amazon.com

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Thanks @angus.black for the link to the exact right object! Gonna order me one of those puppies right away. :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely agreed on the deep cycle! But like @rbruceporter , I already have some spare lawn mower & car batteries that are ripe for abuse and experimenting… :grinning:

Yes you do. Below is a link to what I used…

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Thanks for all the information… Take care…


This forum is great for this kind of info! Now hopefully my next post will not be from the hospital because I fell off the roof lugging a car battery up the ladder! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I just had this vision of EMTs loading a person into an ambulance. The person on the gurney makes a supreme effort to reach up and grab an EMT by the lapels and gasps “Tell the people in the Wyze forum what happened! Promise me! Warn them!” before collapsing back on the gurney…

Anyhow, just as likely to happen to me as you. :wink:

So I’m gonna be really safe and use the inside access to put the battery up in the attic where the explosive gasses can build up in a nice warm contained environment near where the old power lines used to come into the building… :grin: