Outdoor Cam Big Disappointment

I have 8 V2 cameras.

My feature requirements were obviously not Wyse’s design requirements.

I don’t want battery operation other than perhaps as a backup.

I want a real outdoor design with a better and wider lens. It needs to accommodate routing the power cable without leaking and even hide it if possible.

The little base unit is a good ideal if it works.


I have it, highly recommend it, it’s pretty awesome ! :slight_smile:

Connect base station via ethernet to your router, place the wireless camera within it’s WiFi range (2.4GHz), battery lasts a few (4+) months.

Motion detection works differently than in V2, uses motions sensor instead of image detection.

I agree. I have power outlets under the eaves and was going to use two cams on each corner and have them plugged in. I am using a regular Wyze cam V2 under the eave of the garage and routed the cable inside to plug in next to the sprinkler system controller. I like this setup and the regular Wyze cam seems to hold up well outdoors in Texas. At a $20 price I don;t mind changing them every 2-3 years.
They should make an outdoor version of the Wyze cam V2. I realize it would be hard to completely seal the cam because of the USB port but I don’t think that is a big problem. I know many people who have had regular big screen TVs on their covered patio for years and they are still working, so a Wyze cam should be able to handle it too.

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You might note that Tiny Cam Pro and tiny cam monitor free can run under an emulator on Windows 10 just fine even though they are Android apps. I use TinyCam Monitor Free and it took some set up time, but it does run very nicely. I can see my six cameras just fine. Or one at a time. Love it. It also works on my amazon firestick, Bluestacks is the emulator being used.

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I use Bluestacks emulator running under Windows 10

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would you consider hooking the 12V battery up to a car cigarette lighter, Then you can plug any car USB standard made device into that cigarette lighter socket and your USB into it. Should save all this.

Why aren’t y’all pushing for a solar-charging version? That seems like a no-brainer to me.


There are plenty of options out there for solar power. I use this one on a V2.

Solar Charger 25000mAh Tranmix Power Bank with Dual USB Ports Waterproof External Battery Pack for Smart Phones, Tablets and Outdoor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W54NM91/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_yx0.Eb4MAA60Y

Well, anything that’s aftermarket will not only void the camera warranty but will require extensive waterproofing of the connections. I meant that they should provide an OEM solar-charging solution for the Outdoor model.

This is a no-brainer guys, buy the plastic bird house. I have four cameras around my vacation rental I have a birdhouse on every one of them. The temperature has dropped to zero degree Fahrenheit, rain and snow like crazy and I have never had a problem in 2 years. The Birdhouse works great you don’t need to buy a special camera. Try it you’ll like it


If you join Wyze’a Beta tester program you get access to the Beta version of the IOS app, which lets you roll back the firmware to a prior version for each camera.

To be honest on a 25 dollar camera I am not worried about warranty. Also many of us have had V2’s outside, in my case for 1.5 years, with no ill effects.

So a 3rd party solar charger is fine. :blush:


Comments about the Wyze Outdoor Camera:
1 - Not having a ‘powered’ option is a showstopper for me for all the reasons others have said.
2 - They really missed the boat with the ‘base station’. Since all the video has to funnel through there anyway, why not have a USB connection for an external drive to save recordings for up to 4 cameras simultaneously. You could then eliminate the SD slot in the cameras. If it was powered (non-battery), with the ability to save to local storage, THEN you have the makings of a surveillance system for indoors or out.


For going on 3 years I have had 4 cams v2 plugged in outside my house in exposed locations, through 2 very heavy rainfall seasons. They all still work perfectly. I bought little Myriann housings with mounts from Amazon. I didn’t use the swivel mounts from the housings, just the little house and mounting magnets with 2 sided tape included with the cams. I figured if they lasted one rainy season, for 20 bucks, I would be happy. The only problem is sometimes spiders leave webs around the coverings, which are amplified by the night vision.


I use the little plastic house myself and it works great through all types of weather. I think wyze made an unWyze decision to invest and that technology without first trying out the little house.


I’m glad that I’m not the only one feeling the same. The batteries are a DEAL BREAKER.

First I’m assuming that these are Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries in general have a life span of about 2 yrs. Because this cam have batteries that are built in and not replaceable, i would have to spend another $50 in a couple years. If I have 5 outdoor cams than that multiples how much more I have to spend every 2 years.


Sure, that works. There is a downside if you’re using it outdoors though. Cigarette lighter sockets and the USB chargers don’t do well in the rain/snow.


Also, either method would cost about the same in parts, unless you had a spare or unsuspecting neighbor’s vehicle to scavenge from… :sunglasses:

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was going to order but would have the same issues. need a outdoor cam to use a small solar oannel to recharge and operate continuously as a security cam. does Wyze offer any cam for outside with solar and to operate in continuous mode?
also need to connect to our FOG network byWifi mesh is prefered for our own YOLO AI object recognition no time to use internet its too slow we process locally.

Me too. Total disappointment. Why couldn’t they create a waterproof outdoor V2 and I would buy several.

  1. Don’t want battery version of any camera. Battery life is never great and never meets manufacturer ratings. I’m not going to climb ladders every couple months to recharge. What a pain.
  2. I do want continuous recording and this camera can’t do that.
    Maybe they will listen to us and make a waterproof Cam V2, no more battery cams.