Original wyze outdoor

Hello I have been using my original WCO since they came out. They have only been ok for things like inside my shed where there is no movement to trigger unnecessary events. Mine have been useless outside being the detection zone doesn’t work ANY WHATSOEVER!!! You can’t communicate on them being the sound is terrible. They are almost completely useless except for being able to monitor things with the live view.
I can go on and on about how bad they are.
Is the newest outdoor cam any better??

How is your WCO mounted? Where is it in compared to your base station? What is in between your base and the camera? Info about your cameras settings? detection zone? Photos of any of these settings pages or how your camera is mounted? More info about your use case will help the troubleshooting as to why it isn’t detecting motion. Thanks in advance!

They do detect things but what I was saying is when you turn detection zone on to block off things like a tarp blowing in the wind it does not work whatsoever at all. Also they are Terrible with detecting anything at a distance. They are all 3 close to the base, within 20ft. I’ve tried every single trick in the book. Different mounting options, mounting upside down so the detection area is on top to the point where I have a fairly decent working setup but in no way trust them whatsoever. My v3 an and pan cams I have in between my home windows pick up things so much better. Plus they usually record the whole event. The WCO still tends to make short videos even with the cam plus because the detection system just sucks in my opinion. I have no cooldown 5 min max video set and don’t think I’ve ever seen a video over a minute. Most are 6 to 9 seconds. Lol I’ve had these since they first came out so have been able to try everything you could possibly think of. In comparison to the v2, v3, and pan cams they just totally suck. So I’m wondering if the latest version is better.