Outdoor cam no alerts at all

So I have 2 outdoor cams… One pointing in the front of the house. one in the back… Its not at all surprising that the back hasnt caught anything (but not even a bug?)
but the front, for 8+ days now hasnt captured a thing between 9pm and 7am??? Meanwhile my wyze cam pan (i have set out near it) has captured dozens of events.
Just curious as to what may be happening. Could it be the awful 2/3 lower screen issue? I mean what the heck is that all about? What good is a camera if the top 1/3 doesnt even work.
Thank you gents and ladies. Hope this thing continues to improve. I have 8 blinks I want to replace.

Have you tried testing by walking in the detection zone? Also, try adjusting the detection settings to 100.

you won’t get bug events, they won’t trigger the PIR (which is a good thing!)

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I have the same problem. Occasionally I manage to get notifications from my WCO. The last one was 1hr.50min late. In another post from “steve48” , with a similar problem, rebooted his WCO with new firmware from Wyze support. This involves download a zip file etc. etc. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.
Link to the zip file is below.

After I fully charged my WCO, somehow in the App the Event Recording > Detects Motion was turned off.