Cam Outdoor Issues

New camera placed on the same mount as old camera and motion detection and notifications are inconsistent (catches us leaving, but not coming home for example). Battery is draining in about a week using the same settings that we used on the old camera that lasted 3 months when we first got it last year. Very disappointed.

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You replied to my post that deals with the PanCam V1 and V2. The WOC operates much differently so it wouldn’t be good to compare the two problems.

I do not have any WCO so I am a very bad choice to give you advice on how it operates. There are those here in the forums who are expert users and will probably see this topic an jump in to provide assistance. If they don’t, I can always tag them in later.

Good luck!

The main cause for the battery draining is usually either a weak signal or to much live view streaming, the WCO is not like the wired plug in cameras. To check your signal at the cam open the app>open the cam to live view>tap settings>scroll down to device info and see what the signal looks like. See Below. Also read some of the FAQ and Features here about detection. If you can post a screenshot of the view of the camera.


I changed the settings on the camera to no lag between events. So it should record, for example, a car pulling into the driveway and then the person getting out of the vehicle. I also increased record time to 5 minutes. It sometimes - very infrequently - shows guests vehicles pulling up. But still only records the car. Nowhere near 5 minutes. Doesn’t pick up consecutive events. Hasn’t recorded a guest in days, but will record me and my spouse walking in the exact same area. It’s just not consistent or reliable. Too bad because it has good video quality and I love the solar power. Whenever I’ve looked at it, power is always 100%. Firmware is up-to-date.

No lag between events ? Do you mean no cooldown period ?
Are you using Cam Plus or are you talking about settings for scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera?
How far away is the cam from the area you are trying to capture?
Which way is the face of the camera pointing? A screenshot of the PIR Area, the Detection Zone and the area you are trying to capture would help.
Are your detection setting set at 100 for far and 100 for sensitivity?

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Yes cooldown
Yes plus
About 3 to 8 feet
The ‘close’ and ‘far’ is vague.
See screenshot - the area circled in red gets picked up about 30% of the time. That’s where guests park. It needs to get picked up 100% of time. On the left end of the circle is the sidewalk entrance. Guest never gets picked up walking to, from car. Delivery people walking up driveway to sidewalk never get picked up. Waving twigs get picked up 100% of the time.

I would increase sensitivity a bit and distance a lot. Then setup a detection zone for the trees and stuff.

Set to 100

That is a very small area to detect motion and it looks like the face of the cam is facing in the direction of the yellow line. I would move it a few degrees at a time to the left in direction of the blue line. The PIR zone is quite wide so you should turn it to the left a little at a time to keep your desired view.

I have a detection zone for this tree but sometimes the shadows set the cam off also. And yes this is a Wyze cam outdoor version 1 Battery powered cam.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions. Ok, I’ll increase sensitivity. But, I already get false alarms when the wind blows (but maybe not as much lately?) so we’ll see. Increasing distance seems unnecessary for the area I really need covered, but I’ll try it. I mean, the car and person getting out of the car can’t get any closer to the camera. I have had the camera turned more to the left, but would get false, or unnecessary notifications from passing cars, which are waaaay farther than the car and sidewalk.

Camera almost always records us in/out of the garage, the Prius pulling up, even popping people out to the trash bins.

Never had an issue with shadows, thank goodness.

So if I have zero cooldown, and 5 minute recording length, shouldn’t it record the car pulling up and the person getting out of the car?

I got rid of cam plus on my outdoor cam but they should record as long as there is motion. Maybe stop for a few second when no motion detected but should start again when the cam senses motion again. ?
Have to find another user here with CP on the WCO cams, I’ll see if I can find one.

I have CP on a few WCOs. It seems to start as soon as motion is detected or if it continues.