Base Station a weak Link in the Network

The WCO going throught the base station is restricting how I want to use the cameras. I get good signal from the camera itself, but not always from the base station. The path from camera to base station to router gets slow an I cannot live stream SD or HD. There was a 23 second lag between real time and the time stamp streaming. I get good results from the V3 that is directly on my router via Wi-Fi. WCO should connect without the base station. the station is not providing any usefulness.

How far is the camera from the base? Is the base using Wi-Fi or connected to router via ethernet? I have 4 cams all on HD without an issue.

The Base is about 13 feet from the Camera and 35-40 feet from my router; connected by wifi. If I connect the base by ethernet (in same room and router), I only get 1 bar on the camera. If I put the WCO in travel mode, I can get live HD from 30 feet. If I put a V3 in the same location, I can get live HD connected directly to my router wifi. I only have HD trouble when the signal goes from camera to base to router.

Connect Bridge via Ethernet to base and move base and Bridge to another location extending the range.

I did this setup for a neighbor where the main router was in the house and the bridge connected to WCO Base was in an out building, this significantly extended the coverage to his WCO that would not connect from a WCO base in the house. The TRENDNET TEW-638APB was low cost on Amazon or elsewhere.

I prefer not to reconfigure my entire network to accommodate new products. It risks disrupting the coverage and speed that I have already tuned into the system. I have multiple computers and printers on ethernet and wireless devices on access points. My thinking is that something as simple as a camera should attach to the end of an access point signal and be done,

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I guess you don’t understand that there would be NO reconfiguration of your current network.

It would be the same as running a very long Ethernet cable to your WCO Base unit that you relocate closer to the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor camera)

A wireless access point in bridge mode becomes a client just like a camera, tablet, laptop, or any other WiFi connected device.

The WAP in Bridge mode would connect to your current setup using your current WiFi Name and password, then the WAP Bridge would have an Ethernet port that you connect with a Ethernet cable to your WCO Base unit. This allows you to move the Base unit closer to the Wyze Cam Outdoor camera.

So this is the same as your statement “that something as simple as a WAP-Bridge should attach to the end of an access point” but in this case the WAP-Bridge connects to your relocated WCO Base

I know this works as I have done this for several WCO installations, besides I have been a Telecommunications Engineer for the last 40+ years…

It will not change your current setup you have other than adding a device to WiFi that has the WCO Base connected to it.

If you need help with setup feel free to ask by DM or this post.

do not want to buy or add new device and cables. a V3 works in the same location with no additional devices but needs a power cord added. do not want to add permanent power at location. no reason for the wco to have a separate base just for connection. wifi signal strength is not an issue.

No problem, and hope you figure it out…

Due to the battery limitations of the outdoor cam, it does not have the ability to connect to wifi without the base station. The base station does most of the work.

Some information here:

The base also keeps the Outdoor camera from consuming its battery power maintaining a WiFi connection.

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But, the camera still has to maintain a WiFi connection to the base station. The intention is that the base station adds another level of saving, but only without 12 seconds without camplus. I do not see that as a good enough benefit.

The Base station to WiFi communication link is “on demand”. When demand or a bug keeps the link active, the outdoor camera battery can die in a day.

Many also have range issues because their cams are well beyond power sources, and thus it can also be used as a range extender (because of the on-demand link you can’t use a normal WiFi extender).