Adding additional outdoor cams

I have the starter bundle (Cam +base station) and want to add an additional camera. The new camera location is almost 1,000 feet from the base station but still on my WiFi network. Will this work? Or does the camera need to be near the base station?

The camera has to be in range of the base station.


Welcome! See support article on distance between the cam and base.


So you just need a WiFi bridge that can provide Ethernet to a second base station.


The base must be hard wired to your WiFi. Another option, depending on your WiFi, is to add an extender or a node close enough to your cam to plug a second base station in. Might save you a little bit of cable.
At 1000’ apart it’s going to be tough to use one base for two cams. Math doesn’t(usually) lie. Midpoint of 1000’ is still well over the max range.

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@Customer like this? GL.iNet GL-AR150 mini Repeater Bridge
Amazon $25.49 (Doesn’t come with power supply)

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Probably? It runs OpenWRT so it seems likely. People in the other WCO threads have recommended a few options.

Do you actually have a good Wifi signal at the point 1000’ away?

Yes, I have a Ubiquiti mesh network that beams to internet to that location.

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Then you can use a Wifi bridge connected to the WCO base by Ethernet and your network by Wifi.