Outdoor cam . Why a base station?

I ordered the outdoor cam bundle but Im wondering why we need a base station? Is this just a range extender? I have a mesh system that gives very good coverage and doubt a range extender would be useful

@cmelgar22 Wyze explains all about the base station here.


Here you go:

Thanks for the clarification. Is there any info on range?

Here is what they say on it, remember that when you add walls that distance will drop

But the base station is connected to the internet by wired ethernet only, and is not weather proof, correct? So will it handle the heat of a high central location like an attic?

I am not sure what the hot/cold limits are of the base station itself

Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, it seemed to be an un-mentioned but important consideration, especially if you want to locate the station for connecting 4 cams…

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No need to put the basestation in the attic. The idea is to leave it inside your home and the WCO in the attic if that’s the area you want to monitor.

He is referring to putting the base station in the attic (higher) to get better range to the cameras.

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Is it true that the base station has to be connected to the router by an ethernet cable? That’s a nonstarter for me. All my ethernet ports are already in use.


Yes, it’s true.
You could add an Ethernet switch.


or wifi extender that has a ethernet port


Exactly! :+1: Behind a PVC gable vent gets above the brick walls, parked vehicles, shrubbery, etc and gives a easy “an open, clear field” panorama of the yard. Also, it’s relatively easy to run ethernet in an attic.

The max range between the camera and Base Station varies, but in an open, clear field, they can be up to 300 feet apart. If you have multiple walls, doors, and other structures between each device, then that optimal range will be smaller.

I like it! Beating the design limits of the system!

And in this era of mesh WiFi, who doesn’t have a few recently cast off range extenders in a box in the garage? :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, they explicitly said in the YouTube AMA yesterday that the base station was wired only for more stability, so I can just imagine how thrilled they will be getting any support tickets from people using this approach. :laughing:

( should I order one, I will of course use this approach :slightly_smiling_face: )

So sorry to see that there is no solar-charging option for the outdoor camera. I can’t understand why they didn’t design this. I will hold off until they “get it” that we already have too many things that require battery replacement, and that it is also environmentally wasteful.

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Solar charging still requires batteries.

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Well, at the risk of being obvious, they last many years. My solar-powered weather station has reported constantly day and night for several years. The battery in my light-powered Casio watch has run for about 12 years and still shows “HI” charge on the display.

Yes, both of these examples use batteries.
You can charge the camera using solar if you like. There are solar USB chargers on Amazon.
WYZE says that you void the warranty by continually charging the camera though. The reason being, the rubber cover over the USB port has to be left open.

GENIUS! I love Community Forums. Thank you. Because I want to put the Base as close to the front door where the camera will be and no Ethernet to reach there. I have a Google Wifi Mesh, and already an Extender that’s been shelved since I got the GWF. Now I can use the extender again - glad I didn’t get rid of it.