Outdoor Cam - I'm a bit underwhelmed

I’m sure they’re working on it, but if this is all they could come up with being their “biggest announcement since 2017” then it’s kind of a joke. It took 3 years to “design” this? Seriously?

And why does the camera (by itself) cost 4 times more than the base station? Shouldn’t the camera by itself cost closer to $29? Can’t wait what their next product announcement will be in another 3 years… Underwhelmed to say the least.


To be totally frank there is literally nothing the outdoor camera brings of value to the table in comparison to the existing V2. In fact for a “successor” product it actually is worse in many ways.

Like many others I have used V2’s and Pan’s outside with little or no protection. At least with them I can have continuous recording. I can also rig them up to be battery backed and or solar powered. Yes it violates the warranty, but at 25 bucks a pop I don’t mind.

With RTSP I can keep the footage centralized. So literally the Outdoor Cam is a huge step backwards in so many ways. Maybe the value proposition will appear in future updates?


this is the first camera that wyze designed

for v2 and pan they write the firmware

pir cost $5, r&d cost $5, battery cost $10

so it $20 on top of v2

I agree with you 100%. Wyze set the bar really high with the V1 and V2 and since it’s been out for so long, users have found out ways to use them outdoors too (leaving it under a roof so it doesn’t get wet, purchasing a 3rd party weatherproofing kit/mount etc).

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Unless i’m not reading the description correctly, the distance is limited by the cam and its receiver distance (which is limited by the cable to the wifi box). That makes it useless for me.
I have about a dozen wyze devices all over my house (big distances and stone walls) and an extender takes care of my farther away devices just fine.
So how do I use the outdoor cam when my router is in a house addition (not the main house), with a stone wall and 75 ’ away? I have cameras in that section and on multiple floors that work fine for me.
The restriction in distance is a show stopper for me. I’m surprised others don’t have that worry.

Does the extender have an ethernet port?


The wifi extender has a port (but you made me get up out of my chair to look).


You have options.
You can use up to 150’ of Ethernet cable without problems.
You can also use a Wifi extender with a built in Ethernet port or an AC Power extender.

If you turn off night vision you will get 20fps, but you will need night vision on even with an external ir illuminator, you will just shut off the internal ir lights but still have it in night mode to pick up the ir illumination

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thank you.
so their base station plugs into the extender rather than the main router.
if i have that correct no need to waste key stokes letting me know i got it right and how tech bad i am.

Yes, a Wifi extender turns a wired device into a Wifi device.

Read “battery” and it was a non-starter for me from the outset.

The problem I ran into with doing it from the window pane is general glare and that IR doesn’t work. At least where I have lived, night vision was important to have.

To overcome the glare issue use an IR Illuminator mounted outside and turn the cameras IR lights off. Also mount the camera as flush as possible to the window. This has worked very well for me.


Everything @rbruceporter said.

Plus, if you don’t mind altering your cam, you can also take a giant Sharpie Pro and blackout the front of the cam - this will noticeably reduce the white “ghost ring” that often appears when shooting through two panes of glass. This may increase heat absorption in a sunny window, so it’s a tactic with trade-offs.


not sure what you were expecting for $50. I haven’t gotten mine yet but if it works, connects to Wi-Fi and gives me the ability to monitor my garden I’ll be satisfied. Sounds like you want something for more sophisticated in the security camera realm for $50 and not sure why you thought you might get that.

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Well I feel stupid! I guess I’ll need to cancel my order. I didn’t know the Wyze bridge needed to connect to a LAN cable. I have extenders all over, However, where I plan to put the bridge, there is no Wi-Fi extender so therefore there won’t be a cable available. Not sure I need to spend another $15-$25 for another Wi-Fi extender just so I can have a bridge for the Wyze cam. I too am very disappointed however given the cost of the product and my experiences, I thought I’d drop a few bucks on it. But the more I read, the more disappointed I get. After three years of development this is what they came up with? Extremely disappointing. They should’ve least had the option of a USB cable for charging. Also, better resolution and there’s other said all the other bells and whistles. I’m sure like myself, a lot of folks would’ve spent another $10 to get all these bells and whistle’s. In addition to the IR lights, they should also have included LED floodlights that you can have turned on as an option if you want to. This is especially important with an outside camera.
Not sure whether Wyze will respond to any or all of these complaints/suggestions.I guess after losing numerous orders they may have no choice but to respond and improve the product greatly. I’m going to go ahead and cancel my order tomorrow. After waiting this long, I will wait for Wyze to produce a better version.


I must agree here, this is a $50.00 camera, not a $200.00 security camera. For $50.00 I will be happy if it works as described.

Yea, I was just hoping they just made V2 outdoor compatible and that’s it. Maybe 256gb memory.
I don’t care for a battery, who wants to go way up there to change the battery. I currently have 3
V2 outside under the eaves and they have been working fine. The speaker sucks when trying to talk to someone but then its that way with the indoor cameras. If i need more light at night I just flood the area with a separate IR light, no big deal. Really disappointed.

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The camera being $50 is not the issue; We were given the impression that this would be a V2 camera made specifically for placement outside with the capability of it being wired.

This camera looks like there will be a few downgrades as well, continuous recording being a major one. :man_shrugging:

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