Outdoor Wyze Cam Question

Will the outdoor camera be upgraded to the V3 specifications?

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Welcome to the forums! What specs were you wondering about? By “outdoor camera”, do you mean the WCO? The WCO and the v3 are very different hardware platforms.

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I am considering the “Wyze cam outdoor starter bundle”. I also read about the features of the new V3, and I wondered if features like ‘better night vision’ were also on a new version of the outdoor camera.

If they are totally different hardware platforms, then the V3 improvements probably don’t cross over. ???

If you can get power to the location where you want to place the camera get a V3. If you can’t easily run power to the location get the wyze cam outdoor.

The WCO low light performance will not be able to match the V3 unless they change the hardware.

I’d say that my WOC is NOT designed for night use. If you married it to spotlight triggered by motion, then fine, otherwise the resultant Night Vision is definitely not stellar!

The WCO night vision with the built in IR lights are plenty adequate in my opinion.

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I’m out in the country, pitch black and I tried using as a security monitor in the back 40, couldn’t see anything beyond about 30ft.
Added a triggered IR blaster, and it was fine.

Guess it depends on the use case.

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The night vision is rated for up to 25 feet. My use cases are all in that range or less so it’s been fine for me.

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Yup, the specs are clear, I was simply stating that in some nighttime use cases (which was specifically asked about) there can be issues. The Starlight sensor in the v3 would be far superior if the use allows powering and the device is not subjected to anything beyond the IP65 rating.

Think you’ll find the V3 will exceed your expectations. Tested the WOC, V2 and V3.
The WOC has its place in certain applications, maybe not yours. . .