Night Vision on wireless outdoor camera

My wireless outdoor camera has almost zero night vision. My V3 cameras have excellent night vision. Is the wireless camera just deficient in that area or is there something I’m missing in the setup? I’ve tried it auto and with night vision on–neither works. Pictures is just black with faint hints of the lights in the distance. Any ideas?

The V3 can’t be compared. It has a “starlight” sensor that has great low light sensitivity. The lights on the WCO are supposed to be good for 25 feet. If there’s nothing within 25 feet of the camera, there is nothing for the light to reflect off.

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Ah, so. It’s probably outside the 25 foot range. Odd not to use the same technology on all cameras…


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The V3 uses newer tech. But test the WCO to make sure by standing in front of the camera at night. You should be illuminated in black and white mode.

Also you’ve just posted your contact info on a public forum.

Can you post a screenshot of you camera view? Maybe someone can see ways to improve your view, setup, etc. Are there any small bright spots that are close to the camera that are screwing up the white balance and exposure, underexposing the background maybe? Thanks in advance!

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THANK YOU, Jakewolfe for pointing out that the new CAM Outdoor does NOT match up with the night vision of the Cam V3… I was very frustrated that all the sales and product literature did NOT make that clear at all. It should make that clearer to the existing Wyze customer who reasonably expects at product coming out after the V3 would have the same sensor. Much appreciate your post.

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The keywords to look for is the “starlight sensor” when looking for the same low light capabilities that the v3 has. That’s the physical sensor in the camera that makes the magic happen with the v3. Product pages may say night vision or something similar, but without the starlight sensor, they won’t be on par with the v3 which is the only one currently in the lineup of Wyze cams that has it.

Well that, and the fact that the Wyze Cam Outdoor came out a long time before the V3, not the other way around.

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