V3 and WOC IR wavelength

I’ve tried to find the IR wavelength spec for the V3 and WOC so I can buy an IR illuminator, but have failed so far. I’m making an assumption the V3 is 850nm like the V2 but not sure at all about the Outdoor Cam.



The V2 and Wyze Outdoor Camera are both 850nm. The Pan is 940nm. But in reality, both 940nm and 850nm illuminators can be used with either. I personally use a 940nm illuminator on an 850nm V2 now.

As for the V3, both sets of IR lights are provided, so it works with both as well. They ultimately decided 940nm was better for near objects (what the Pan uses) and 850nm was better for far objects (what the WOC and V2 use). So they included both sets of lights at no additional charge. You select which set of lights are active in the settings.


Click on details, click specs under the picture of the camera, then scroll down to the night vision section. I am not sure if this will include what you are looking for, but I hope it helps!


Interesting, all my reading indicates I have to match the IR wavelength to the camera IR wavelength. can you send me some links? I’d love to have a single illuminator for my Pans and Vx cams, as my Pans have been outdoors for almost 3 years now and the near (on board IR illuminator ) range picture is good but would like so see the far range. Not seeing very many long range 940 nm illuminators either. Will the Pan pick up 850 nm?

Thanks for the quick reply

I know only thru some experimentation we Mavens did. Since you have both V2s and Pans, the simplest experiment you can do to prove this to yourself is put them side-by-side in a dark room and turn on the IR lights of only 1 of the cameras. You will see with both cameras, even though one has 940nm lights and the other has 850nm.

Then turn that camera’s lights off, and turn the other camera’s lights on. I doubt you will perceive a difference (make sure neither camera has a bright reflection in view, that will stop down the sensitivity of that camera).

And as I mentioned, the V3 comes with both,


That’s exactly what I was thinking too. Real world vs. theoretical. It may be true in most cases but I’ll check my experience first, soon, and reply back.

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I wish Wyze would have all of the cameras on >=940nm so they would not be visible to the human eye. I’ve had too many people notice the glow of the cameras when I’ve positioned them outside so I’ve had to disable IR.

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I love how Waze Cam 3 has both IR options and the ability to pick which ones to use!!!