940 nm vs 950 nm

Does anyone know if a 940 nm infrared light will work with the pan V2? I know the pan v2 uses 950 nm but I’m not finding many 950 nm lights but am finding 940. Does the slight difference matter? Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t matter, but the Pan V2 doesn’t use 950 nm anyway. It uses 940, as the original Pan did.

The two wavelengths that are used in Wyze cameras are 940 and 850 nm. All models can see BOTH wavelengths, and the V3 actually has both wavelengths built-in. It calls 850 “Far”, or best for long-range, and 940 “Near”, or best for short-range. :slight_smile:

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So if I’m looking to get an IR light for a Pan v2 in my parent’s rather large backyard, am I better off with an 850 or 940 nm light? It sounds like the 850 nm travels farther than the 940? They want to see the numerous deer they have in the backyard and the distance is maybe 30-40 yards that the light needs to ‘throw’.

With an IR floodlight, it may not matter. More important are IR-reflecting surfaces.

So if after installation you have any bright-white objects in view, either reorient the camera or try to eliminate the bright-white object. That object will stop down the camera lens, and cause you great issues with range (if you were using the internal lights it would dim them until it got a picture it liked, so again, a problem with range).

No and no we have the new version works just fine