What IR lights wavelength can be used with wyze camera V2 and pan cam?

what wavelength of external IR lights can be used with wyze camera V2 and for wyze pan camera,

thanks for your feedback, do not know what you meant ,please explain.

@richard-2007 Here is a post by @raym64 from Jul 14 2020
It’s 850nm. I purchased IR emitters at that wavelength and they light up my yard nicely.

Ok the post was from Jun 2020, I can’t help myself. . .

thanks for your speedy feedback, I bought one , seems not showing up in the V2 camera, should I turn off the IR lights on the V2 camera ?? in order to make it work, or no needed, thanks again.

You can force night vision which puts IN the IR filter, usu set to auto to insert when dark.
If you are using an an auxiliary IR emitter then you probably won’t need the cam’s IR.
You’d only see the effect when its dark.

thanks again, I heard that the wyze pan cam is not working with the 850nm IR lights, so, it’s working with 940 no wavelength IR light, so, what will be the best solution for buying external IR lights for people having both types of cameras, thanks again.

Are you saying that 940nm also works with the V2?

You may want to check out @BuckEye post in this thread.

good question, like to find out too !!

thanks again, there are quite a few at Amazon website, maybe google it will get more information and resources where to buy them !

Wyze uses the 850nm IR light. The 940nm are further from the visable spectrum.
Most IR cameras use 850nm, because the cameras are more sensitive to the 850nm than to the 940nm IR LEDs.

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thanks again,greatly appreciated.

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True… I have some stealth trail cameras for wildlife that advertise invisible LEDs and they pretty much are. When I had it take a picture of me in the dark, I couldn’t really see them. They look different when off to, almost like the LED’s are painted black. Not sure id those are 940nm or not, but they’re pretty cool.

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It would be nice if the IR lights on the PAN were as strong as the basic little cams! Wish you had bulbs that were just IR bulbs…

As for “bulbs that are just IR bulbs”, do you mean something like this?:

Unfortunately, they are more expensive than standalone dedicated IR emitters. They are also 940nm, so they would be good only for the Wyze Pan.

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Thanks yea but I was hoping for one thats packed with them like a Flood you can buy to go with other stand alone security camera systems. Thanks for the info they done come up on Amazon.ca !

According to wyze’s website the Cam Pan v2 uses 940nm ir emitters.

You can use either the Near (940nm) or Far (850nm) infrared depending on application.