IR wavelength?

Im considering an assitional IR light soirct to help illuminate a large toom. What is the wavelength of the IR sensor in the WyzeCam v2? Thanks.

That info is in the support section (link at top right) easily found with a search.

There are also several threads here in the forum discussing IR illuminators. Again, easy to find with a search.

Would it be possible to post a link so we can just go to it directly?




There’s an old adage: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

I was referring to people who take a peek at this thread in the future. A link would directly take them there without the hassle.

As you wish




I would love it if you would find it and post it here. I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment.

Consider it done.

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I found this answer to be a Poor Answer
I have searched and have Not found the answer using keyword search
ALL SEARCHES FOR IR wavelength bring me here with NO ANSWER
Outdoors the V2 and Pan need much more IR illumination to be effective
It is ONLY LISTED UNDER SPECs and is not found in a search THE WAVELENGTH is 850nm, if anyone is interested and will now be found by a word search


Well, we aren’t customer service representatives, not even Loki. We are all fellow users such as yourself.

The V2 is 850nm, the Pan is 940nm.

BTW, the answer is in the post just above yours.


Thank you
And i didn’t see the answer in the Previous post By tuna

Tuna’s post links to another conversation with the answers. If you scroll down to responses from where you enter using that link, it says the wavelength is 850nm with a backup to a FAQ link that says the same thing.

Five responses down is the wavelength to the Pan, with another backup link to the same FAQ.

The answers are also on the respective spec sheets of the cameras, available on their pages in the store.

BUT as the other poster had asked for the info to be posted he was asked to search for it

Yes I did find it but not by a keyword search Only in specs for cameras

The V2 is 850nm, the Pan is 940nm.

this is just for google searchers like me who don’t want to deal with [MOD EDIT] forum people

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Is the wavelength a “close is good enough” kind of spec? Or does it have to be precise? In other words, will one illuminator work for the V2 and a different one for the pan, but no single illuminator work for both?

Close enough works. The Pan can illuminate for the V2, and the V2 can illuminate for the Pan. We tested that camera interaction a while back. I personally am using a 940nm illuminator for two V2s. Works great.