Outdoor cam . Why a base station?

Putting it in the attic to get a better range is not needed unless you are putting the camera much higher than your attic level. Depending on the roof (material, age of the room, etc.) it might hurt the range.

It’s not me it’s @sodcam.
He mentioned brick walls. Maybe that’s the issue.

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So the wired connection for the base station seems to limit where I can put the outdoor cam. You must not only account for distance but for walls and their composition as others have indicated. I will still try it and if it doesn’t work I can always just return it. If it does work well for me I will post here.

There are ways to relocate the base station.
Wifi extenders with an Ethernet port and AC Powerline extenders are a couple of options.

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I just think this is a great idea. At my mother’ home, with aluminum siding, she has a Ring and just had an Extender plugged into the entry way. But if I can get the signal through aluminum, this should all work pretty well.

Aluminum siding tends to block signal incredibly well. :frowning_face: If you can get the base station in a window, you should have much better range.

( just Google - aluminim siding wifi range )

Oh I know but I was just replying to your comment replying to my comment :joy: Aluminum siding and metal roofs are going to be the biggest issue for signal range though.

Honestly, just placing the basestation inside the house where its most convenient will be just fine for most homes if you are placing the WCO on the house facing out. Unless you have a very large home or are placing it out away from the house like on a tree something, then placing it in a location that is closest to the WCO outside is going to be fine as well for most cases.

Make sure the chosen window doesn’t have a metal screen.

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Yeah, me and brick walls have had issues. I don’t wanna go into it…

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This won’t work at all with adobe walls. Microwaves don’t travel through 2 feet or more of earth. Wired cams are best for those.