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Then You should not use Flood as it is not a option

Well, that didn’t do anything. I had another camera on order, to add to the base station and just cancelled that. Maybe the first one will eventually work and I can buy another then.

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Incredibly disappointed with this thing. Trying to use it as a security camera for my front porch.

Didn’t realize that they base had to be connected into my modem directly. How does this thing not have wifi capability?? Also, it seems to run VERY hot.

The camera itself doesn’t have person detection. Not compatible with Cam Plus. Not able to adjust the detection zone, so I’m going to get a bunch of notifications for cars on the street.

Just super disappointed.


Same here. I got it to pick up motion 3 time in 2 days while messing with it, but I set it up and nothing. I’m about to give up on it

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Yea, but I ordered 5 starter kits! so got 5 base stations :slight_smile: not that I got 5 open ethernet ports or hubs to plug it into. also the range to the base station doesn’t seem to be far enough from the middle of the home where the base/router is, through an indoor wall and garage door, it gets no signal. so not useful. and don’t have another place to plug one of my other 4 base stations into. Note sure how folks without ethernet wiring in the house would be able to set this up, since the base stations don’t seem to do a mesh network of their own. What is sad, is I’ve got good strong google mesh wifi signals all over the house and outside. the out cam just can’t use it.

I have read that you can connect 4 WCOs to each base station and then use a WiFi adapter with an ethernet port to connect the base station to your WiFi.

Not sure how much speed you will get this way, but it’s worth a try if it’s a problem to hardwire the base station to the router.

You can adjust the Detection zone but you have to do it physically on the camera when it’s mounted well the detection settings on the app is open so you can see where you’re moving it. For me that is the key to the whole thing as far as getting detection and events. I’ve had to adjust it several times and finally keep the camera and In the position I want with tape since the screws are terrible.

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Each base station does support up to 4 cameras, and some mesh or wifi extenders do have an ethernet connection.

I’ve done exactly that…put an extender closer to the cameras, and connect a base station there.

Unfortunately, that still does not really solve the limited range and lousy motion sensing, or slow camera trigger. I have had to mount the camera much closer to the house than I want.

This is turning from turn-key system to a science experiment. I’ve just ordered a bunch of out-door wifi antennae and routers, and some solar cells with batteries to try either replacing the Outdoor with the V2 wired camera, or to extend the base-station and power it from solar, to get it closer to where I really want cameras…but that still doesn’t solve the aforementioned crappy sensing and camera trigger speed.

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Heya! Google mesh does broadcast at 2.4, (as well as 5) just setup the camera near a router & it’ll hook right up! (My camera hooked right up to my Google Mesh & then I carried it outside.) However, that small positive aside, the camera basically doesn’t work as anything but a live viewer as Notifications & Motion Detection are pmuch borked right now.

Thanks but from what I understood the out cam can ONLY talk to its own base station, not the home wifi. so don’t see how I could add it to the home google mesh wifi. otherwise I wouldn’t need the base. if you know of a way, let me know. Tx

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I got my WCO a few days ago & got it set up easily enough. It does notify me & detects motion reliably, including at night. I have it mounted indoors in a temporary spot.
My plan was to use this remotely on some property I have in Texas. I’m disappointed that travel mode doesn’t seem to allow this. As soon as the phone is disconnected from the camera in travel mode, it reverts to regular mode & connects to the base.
I disconnected the base from router to see if the WCO would record events while not connected to anything, and it doesn’t seem to do that. Very disappointed at that.
Wyze, if you’re listening, and it’s technically possible, please create a remote mode where the camera can operate independently of base or phone, and store recorded events on the sd card to be retrieved later manually. Thank you.

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But I don’t want to adjust the camera down. If I did that, half the picture would be the grass in my hard instead of my driveway.

I misunderstood. I hooked my base station to my google mesh router via the extra port, not the camera. :slight_smile:

No worries. Get that. I actually have wired ethernet. but using the wired port of my mesh. so now gotta get a each eth switch to hook up both the mesh and the wired base station in the same room. would have been nice if google mesh had an extra pass through eth port. but oh well.

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I agree that is the problem, but you only get a 12 second video and it seems to have to be triggered once the object is close by because of heat sensing. I could be wrong. The triggering mechanism is awful.

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why would they make it so that only the bottom half of the viewable area is detectable? that makes absolutely no sense

This is what my detection area looks like.

I must be one of the Lucky ones I’ve had Mine on for 4 days now without 1 issue. Always get My Notifications is always fast Detection is always Excellent & Battery use Minimal. I do get better pictures with night vision off & IR turned off however I have auto lights at the Detection Zone. Also it don’t get Hot as some others state theirs do My only Complaint is no Person Detection.

Detection Zone is everything below the Dark Green Line.

Everything on the bottom half is whats is the Detection zone PIR see’s things in that area only