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Can anyone tell me the best detection settings for the outdoor cam? For some reason it will not detect any motion or alert me. I’ve tried everything


welcome to the club sadly, lots of people including you and I are having this problem.


Having the same issue with the outdoor cam. Motion Event recording is not accurate at all at the moment.


Detection is working for me on the outdoor cam, but the app will not let me adjust the detection zone and the window is pinned to the bottom half of the video. Tried on 2 different android devices and firmware is current and still no joy.


you can’t adjust it, you have to manually move the camera.

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Received outdoor cam today…but what the heck is the black cowboy hat looking thing that comes as a gift?? :upside_down_face:


The black cowboy was hysterical. When I opened the box I was like what the heck it this? Nice free gift now my camera can ride the weather and look cool doing it. Nice!!


This outdoor cmera sucks!!

I’m tired of people saying it’s cheap compared to other cameras; I could care less that it’s cheaper than other cameras, I bought this camera based off my previous purchases of Wyze cameras.

This camera should be a step up from the V2 camera but it’s an downgrade at best.

We waited 2 plus years for this??

It’s not like I own a buch of Picasso painting and I’m not looking for a top of the line security camera, I just want what was promised, a smart camera with reliable features. Right now we have a camera that’s more than doubled in price and not living up to the hype!!

Now we’re suppose to wait for firmware upgrades down the line and hope for the best!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Unfortunately almost everything about the outdoor cam is not up a par.

I have 2 mounted back to back to look both ways on my driveway. A car can pass the first one, and all it will capture is the rear bumper, or the dust trail after the car has gone by.

The video quality is so bad, that it will not capture even the existence, much less the detail of a license plate going toward or away from the camera.

The distance from the base station is laughable. The base is in an upstairs window facing the post on which the cameras are mounted. At 50ft the connection is tenuous, and reliably viewing a live camera is hit and miss. The signal strength meter will rarely show 1 bar, and generally none.

It took both cameras multiple times to pair during setup.

I think the form-factor and the intended design is very good… but the execution is not living up to expectations.


You hit the nail right on the head!

This outdoor camera should have been a hit out the park but it’s a weak pop up!!

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A few probably not too difficult changes.

Power over Ethernet for base station…or eliminate the cable, allow for solar or auxiliary power input and it functions as wifi repeater.

External antenna options with small directional.

Mesh network for cameras so they can relay for each other


I was getting notifications until today evening until a firmware upgrade to the base station.

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My detection zone is all blue colored and I’m very disappointed that I can’t review recordings without either setting up a recording schedule and downloading a gig of video or manually retrieving my sd card from the cam.


Same. Set it up tonight on the front porch and I’ve tried to walk in front of it twice and no alerts or recordings. I’m in the detection zone and set distance and sensitivity to 100. Bummed.


Add my name to the list. I logged onto the forum to try and find answers, and now I’m finding that everybody is experiencing the same thing I am. Very disappointed from Wyze. The other four cameras I have work very well. Until they fix the detection issue, it is useless as a security camera.


I am experimenting with flipping the camera. The PIR is below the lens, and the corresponding video overlay of the detection zone is also from midway downward. When I flip, and set the image to 180, the detection zone overlay is now in the upper portion of the image. We’ll see if that does anything.

I’ also experimenting with rules, to turn on the camera on the opposite side of the mounting pole so when something triggers the north-facing camera, and all it picks up is the rear bumper passing out of frame, perhaps thwe south-facing camera will start a little faster and record before it’s motion is actually tripped. Seems a waste, but I’ll be interested in any better results.

I suspect that I will need to continue on the science-project methodology instead of being able to use a turn-key system as I’d hoped.

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This is the first Wyze product that I am very disappointed in .
First, I was not aware the base station has to be connected to the router via a cable. I bought 2 starter kits with the intention of putting one in my basement, to which I would connect cameras for the backyard. The other would be in the middle of the house towards the front, so I could use it for cameras in the front of the house.

My router is not in the middle of the house. I am not going to run cable all over my house to connect a base station. I might as well just run a cable for the camera.

I put one camera outside in the front of my house, and it will only connect via SD, has 1 bar. It’s probably 40 ft from the base station. Terrible resolution. When it has a connection. It drops out half the time.

And the mounting…this is my biggest complaint. You are supplied two tiny screws and anchors which are basically for drywall. Who has drywall outside?
And forget about using a different screw, the slots in the base are horribly small.
I bought some brackets from Amazon that you use to attach other cameras, via the siding.
But I can’t use them, since the base has these tiny tiny slots for the screws.
I even tried machining down the screw that came with the mount, it just can’t be made small enough.

Very disappointed in this product that we all have been waiting for. I won’t even get into all the recording and viewing limitations everyone is talking about.

Swing and a HUGE miss.


Wow, I had no idea about connecting directly to the router which is in my basement at the far opposite corner of my home from the front door where I will have this outdoor camera. My camera hasn’t arrived yet and now it sounds like it may be unusable for me.

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I got the camera setup on Sunday. It was super easy to do and it all worked. I am getting good video and motion detection.
I had to turn off notifications because I am getting constant motion detection from branches and plants moving. I thought that this camera was supposed to use PIR to filter plants, etc. I only want to be notified by warm objects moving in the backyard. My yard has lots of plants and trees and they are constantly in motion, so this won’t really help me know if a person or critter is moving around back there. Am I missing some setup item?


Twas easy setup…and I am getting tagged motion on cars about 50+ ft away. A little lag but not badwyze

Sry for lack of sharpness…took this off of vid :upside_down_face:

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