Cam OG and internet

I lost internet today as it happens every so often. I still have a home network working. The v3 cam still works (I can view it just fine), but the cam OG does not. I just want to make sure this is how the product works and that it’s not a setting or something. Can someone confirm this is how it was designed to work? Thank you.

All cams require internet for everything, but once a stream starts (assuming your on the same network) it should continue at least until some kind of keep alive fails. Some users have been able to initiate a stream offline though, so there’s some kinda other variable that allows this. Most of the time it doesn’t work though, and I would assume the OG works the same way. There’s no settings for that.

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All Wyze cams should reconnect to the network if the Router has issues and needs to be reset. If the ISP fails, the router should already be managing those connections for you when the internet comes back and the cams should come back online. This includes the OG Cam.

It is important to identify where the problem lies. If it is the ISP dropping your internet, there isn’t much you can do with your local network to remedy this.

If it is your router though, an upgrade may be in order. Wyze cams do much better on a robust WiFi network. Weak, overcrowded, overextended WiFi will result in regular offline drops of cams and other devices that requires a manual power cycle of the device and\or the router.

If you experience frequent offline cam drops after a network loss in internet (ISP or Router), you most likely have a local WiFi issue. Power Cycling the cam should refresh its connection.

Many users with less than optimal internet or WiFi have installed a smart plug (assuming it comes back online after an outage) on their cam Power Supply to power cycle the cams remotely from their device app.