How Cam Outdoor Remote Monitoring Works?

Just tested the remote access of my Cam-Outdoor myself. I walked out of my home far enough to let my iPhone loss the internet connection, but the 5G phone stream/data is still available. In such case, surprisingly I can still access/monitor my Cam-outdoor to see people move nearby. I am very curious its working principle. As my understanding, WYZE Cam-Outdoor is connecting to my home local network, which is not exposed to external. How could my iPhone can access my Cam-outdoor remotely via the phone lines? I do not sign any extra services, no Cam Plus, etc. Could someone explain it to me?

Many Thanks!

All Wyze cameras can be viewed thru the app from anywhere in the world for free. :slight_smile:

When the iPhone lost contact, the app asked the Wyze servers to relay the camera. So instead of going from the camera to your iPhone, the stream now securely goes from the camera to the Wyze servers to your iPhone.


That is a great feature of WYZE Camera. I like what you said, “… cameras can be viewed thru the app from anywhere in the world for free”, which surpasses my expectation to this product. I wonder if WYZE app is using the satellites to communicate to Wyze servers in the world? I will appreciate your replies and explanation.

Thanks you very much!

No on sats,Saturday, Wireless wifi cameras can be view anywhere as long as your device has internet

Yes, “from anywhere in the world”, provided you have Internet access on your device (WiFi, Cellular, etc).