iOS Remote Access

Does anyone know if there are plans for an iOS app to allow remote access for the Wyze Cam? Something like what is available for Android.

There’s already an iOS app here.

Wyze by Wyze Labs ‎Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter on the App Store

Thanks, I do have that app installed and running, but it only works when I am logged into my own WiFi network. I would like to see live video when I am outside of my network.



@oaktree Thank you for your quick response. I was trying to access the cams with AT&T cellular data and it wasn’t working. The message was Connection failed (error code 0)
After your message I tried it again and Camera 1 (Driveway) worked, but Camera 2 (Garage) did not (Connection Failed). I have the main router a Netgear AC750 in the house and an access point router Netgear WNR 1000 v3. I tried Camera 1 again with cell data and the connection failed.
I will follow the link you sent and see what I can find. Nothing is urgent, but I would like to get it working.

Thanks I will work on it this afternoon and let you know what happens.

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OK, I unplugged the AP/router for a few minutes and powered back up. This did not change the problem. I did notice something unrelated to the unplugging I think. I got connected to camera 1 using cell data briefly, but it did not seem to be streaming because the time was not changing. Another new thing happened, very quickly something popped up saying something like the network is busy try a lower resolution. Those were not the words, but something like that. I am thinking that maybe my internet speed and bandwidth is not enough to support this feature.

You should also see it in the kb/s go to 0.

Basically, that’s a poor wifi connection. When I get this, I just temporarily turn off wifi and use cellular, but you can’t do that during setup.

Yes, the kb/s was at 0
I am confused about the using cellular because that is what I can’t do. When I am connected to WiFi it always works. I just can’t access the cameras using AT&T cellular data. The 0 kb/s was when I was trying to stream with cellular.

I just turned off the AP/router and it still won’t connect but now I have a error code 27.
I switched mack to WiFi and the Driveway and Garage cameras are not connecting, but camera 3 inside the house does connect. The garage is detached and approximately 15 yards from the house. Do I need to re-setup cam 1 and 2? I am not sure if the main router will reach the camera 2, but it will reach camera 1 (Driveway). However, Camera 1 is mounted high up and in a case.

OK, This is what I have tried so far:

Reset Main Router with cameras power off
and AP/Router off
Power on Cameras 1 & 2 (A/P off)
No connection on Cameras 1 & 2 with WiFi or Cellular (error code 90)
Power back on AP/Rourter
Cameras 1 & 2 work on WiFi but still not Cellular (error code 0)

I may have to live with it this way!
Thanks for your help.

What about camera 3? Does it work on cellular?

I’m curious if support will have them run 'RouteThis Helps"

What it does: RouteThis Helps mimics our products on your network, checking if the needed ports are open as well as testing your network’s upload & download speeds. It will also send test packets to our servers to confirm that you are able to connect to them from your location.

No, None of them work on Cellular except for that one time where one of them sort of connected. I don’t remember which one it was. Maybe it was Camera 1 which is the driveway.

Right, I picked up “RouteThis Helps” from you earlier post.

And I also think it’s time to get support on the phone.

OK, I may contact support and through all the explanations again, but maybe next week when I have more time to work on it.
Thanks again.

If camera #3 on the main router (hopefully close to that router) isn’t working, including cellular access, I don’t see too many other choices. I would focus on that, because if any router should work with the camera and phone on cellular, it’s that one. You could also temporarily move the other cameras near the main router and set them up through it to see if anything will work with cellular from outside your network.

OK, I will try that. Cameras 3 & 2 are easily moved. Camera 1 is more difficult. It is mounted in a case under the eave outside.

iirc, you said camera 1 was the only one that used cell data briefly? Wouldn’t you know.

Yes, and it seems to be connected the the AP/router!

I moved 2 & 3 into my computer room and tried a cellular connection. It did not work on cellular, but both connect with WiFi and it has to be on the main router as it is to far from the AP/router.

Has to be? Is this not obvious in the connection setup? Each router should have its own SSID, and your phone and camera should be on the same router when setting up. iirc, the phone app tells the camera which network to use.