Access Wyze Cam v2 & v3 when not at home

I do not have any subscriptions with Wyze Cam. I access alerts via my installed SD cards when on WiFi. How can I access them when not at home? I know the MAC Addresses and IP numbers of my cameras, which are v2 and v3 cameras. Sorry if this has been asked previously, I searched but could not find my question.

You don’t need the MAC or the IP of the cameras. Accessing them remotely is no different than when you are at home. The cameras check in with the Wyze servers and tell Wyze that they are there and how to reach them. When you bring up the app, it also checks in with the Wyze servers and finds out which of your devices are active (have been heard from recently). So when you try to access your camera remotely, your phone asks the Wyze server how to reach the camera, and then the app does so. No network knowledge or settings are required to make it work. This is part of why the cameras are completely dependent on having a functional internet connection.
With that said, if your phone and the camera are on the same LAN, the actual connection to watch your cameras stays on your LAN rather than going out to the internet and back. However, that is completely transparent to the end user, AND the connection setup still has to go via the Wyze servers.
Also note that if you have some really non-standard LAN setup, it may not work at all…

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Make sure cell data is turned on in your phone settings. I live in California and can view my cams while in New York on either Wi-Fi or Cell data.

Thank you