Using Wyze phone app remotely (with a static-IP)

When I add my Wyze cam using the phone app, it registers a local IP address. This doesn’t work outside of the house. I have a static-IP though, so I would think that if I managed to get that in the settings, then I would be able to see my cameras remotely (on someone elses wi-fi). However, I see no way to change the camera IP in the settings though ?

Any suggestions ?


If you’re viewing your camera feeds using the Wyze app, it doesn’t matter what your camera’s LAN or WAN IP is. The app connects to the Wyze servers; not directly to your cameras.

It should work no matter how your phone is connected to the internet.

The only exceptions is when there’s port blocking involved, like in an office network.

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Ahhh…ok…must be wi-fi environment based then…thanks.

Not just WiFi, it works even when your phone is connected using cellular.